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Respiratory Aide (Alhasa)

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Basic Function
  • Maintains and sterilizes respiratory care equipment.
  • Maintains respiratory care procedures supplies at adequate and safe Levels at all times.
  • The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Health Care, Respiratory Care Department, The Respiratory Aide will be responsible for maintenance, sterilization and set up of Respiratory Care equipment.. Maintains adequate levels of Respiratory Care supplies on patient floors, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Room, Respiratory Care storage rooms/areas. Adheres to infection control standards, safety and environmental health practices. Maintains appropriate related records and documents.
  • Responsible for yearly equipment inventory. Work hours are assigned to meet operational needs.
  • Direction is through the Unit Supervisor.
Principal Contacts

Respiratory Care Services Unit staff members, Clinical Engineering, patients, and nurses.

Principal Duties
  1. Disassembles respiratory care equipment to smallest component part, cleans, decontaminates, disinfects, sterilizes and reassemble them.
  2. Maintains all working environments in an orderly, aseptic fashion.
  3. Performs biological culturing monitors to assess efficiency of sterilization process and maintains pertinent records.
  4. Monitors and records bulk medical gas supply lines pressures.
  5. Changes out clean for dirty, patient care equipment.
  6. Monitors expiration dates on all respiratory care stocks and takes appropriate action as necessary.
  7. Maintains adequate levels of Respiratory Care supplies on Patient Floors, Respiratory Care Unit, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Room, Respiratory Care storage rooms.
  8. Performs other miscellaneous duties as required.
  • Education 12 years including high school and 1 year Life/Health Science training course in a hospital care setting or
  • 10 years including high school and 2 year Life/Health Science training or
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing/Applied Science and without registration in their home country.

Minimum of 3 years experience in medical field.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

Fluent spoken and written English. Spoken Arabic desirable.