Senior Dental IRC Technician - Abqaiq

Senior Dental IRC Technician

Job Code


Basic Function

Provides technical expertise to the processing and /or dispensing segments. Performs all duties of the Advanced Dental Instrument Recirculation Technician in his / her absence. Provides work direction and guidance to Associate Dental IRC Technician, and Dental IRC Technician. Assists in all areas in Central Supply Services and Operating Room that require Central Supply Services technician support.


The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Dental Services centers in Dhahran, Al Hasa, Udhailiyah, Ras Tanura, and Abqaiq.  Under the direction of Advanced Dental IRC Technician, performs all the functions of the processing and/or dispensing segments, including decontaminating and sterilizing surgical, diagnostic and treatment equipment. Helps with training and supervision of processing and /or dispensing area technicians. Participates in the quality assurance programs. May be involved in infection / environmental control monitoring. Acts as a mentor to new employees.                                                                                                                                                                            Is Is a shift worker as required. Work is performed in any JHAH facility.

Principal Contacts

Routine daily contact with Dental IRC staff, hospital and clinic staff, and auxiliary dental/medical personnel. Occasional contact with clinicians and customers. Daily contact with Advanced Dental IRC Technician and/or Supervisor Dental IRC.

Principal Duties

Performs all duties of Senior Dental IRC Technician plus the following:  

  1. Works under guidance of Advanced Dental IRC Technician.
  2. Provides a safe environment for the patient and the healthcare team.
  3. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of CSS policies and protocols and displays competency in the area.
  4. Demonstrates ability to complete all functions normally provided by the Central Supply Services Technician in both Processing and Dispensing areas.
  5. Works with technicians' retrieving, checking and filling par level carts-daily, weekly and monthly.
  6. Checks inventory and provides work direction to staff filling shelves.
  7. Works with unit staff to review and revise contents of par level carts.
  8. Logs in all transactions.
  9. Participates in the Unit’s Quality Improvement initiatives.
  10. Participates as directed in orientation of new personnel.
  11. Answers telephone requests and enquiries.
  12. Helps to update the CSS computer system on the inventory of supplies and equipment.
  13. Performs any other assignment as directed by the Advanced Dental IRC Technician or Supervisor Dental IRC
  14. Maintains accurate and complete records of; data sheets, equipment sent for repair and other required documentation such as; check lists and log books.
  15. Assists the Advanced Dental IRC Technician in the performance evaluation of staff working within the segment
  16. Maintains Job Certification and Professional License


  • Completion of 12th Grade High School and 2 year diploma course in Allied Health Institute; OR
  • Completion of a 12-month unit and hospital orientation / competency based training program approved by Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Nursing Department.


Minimum 5 years as Central Supply Services Technician in any approved medical facility.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Holds a valid Ministry of Health License
  • Successful completion of Certified Registered Central Service Technician or equivalent.
  • Successful completion of Certification in Instrument Specialist or equivalent.
  • Basic computer skills desirable.
  • Working knowledge of spoken and written English.