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Expanded Function Dental Assistant- Al Hasa

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Basic Function

Perform activities such as complete chairside assistance to the general or specialist dentist during clinical/surgical dental procedures and performs clinical supportive functions. Directly working as a Dental Assistant.


The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Dental Services in Dhahran, Al Hasa, Ras Tanura, and Abqaiq.   The incumbent will be responsible for assisting the dental therapist and/or dentist engaged in diagnostic, operative, surgical, periodontal, preventive, orthodontic, prosthodontic, endodontic or pedodontic procedures during examination and treatment of patients. Incumbent is considered an expanded-function dental assistant and as such will perform various dental procedures on patients under the supervision of the dentist.  These procedures include   placement and removal of the rubber dam, placement of temporary restorations, polishing of restorations, placement and removal of periodontal dressing, taking alginate impressions for study models, removal of surgical sutures, Topical application of fluoride (including foam & varnish), Polishing clinical crowns for removal of stains, Placing and removing matrices, Placing intra-coronal provisional (temporary) restorations, Placing bases and liners, Suture removal, Preliminary charting, Packing and removing retraction cord, Fabricating provisional crowns, Cementing provisional crowns and bridges with temporary cement and removal of excess cement following crown and/or bridge cementation The clinical supportive functions performed include: preparing and dismissing patients; sterilizing and disinfecting instruments and equipment; providing post-operative instructions prescribed by the dentist; maintaining supply order; maintaining applicable records, and others as requested by the dentist. Position differs from the Associate Dental Assistant in that the incumbent is competent to participate fully in four-handed dentistry with the dentist to make patient-related procedures more efficient.   Work is performed in any of the Dental Services facilities as assigned. Receives supervision and technical guidance from the dentist, work direction from the Senior Dental Assistant and reports to the Supervisor of Dental Support. Incumbent provides guidance to Associate Dental Assistant. Work hours are assigned to meet operational needs of the assigned area

Principal Contacts

Daily with all levels within the Dental Services such as those with dental therapists, dentists, business office personnel, dental laboratory technicians and with patients in conducting the duties as outlined below. Occasional public and community contact through communicating policy changes, revisions, and/or introduction of new work rules.

Principal Duties


  1. Participates with the dentist in the examination and treatment of patients by retracting cheeks and tissues and by irrigating and aspirating mouth fluids without harm or discomfort to the patient.
  2. Anticipates the dentist's needs, and practices four-handed dentistry to provide efficient operative procedures for the patient or as assigned to a dental surgical operating team.
  3. Performs expanded duty procedures under the supervision of the dentist as required.
  4. Reviews patient's medical history and alerts the dentist to significant problems, assists in updating the patient's history; flags the chart to note significant history problems.
  5. Has the ability to take the needed radiographs for patients (Peri Apical, Bitewing, Panoramic, and Lateral Cephalometric)
  6. Charts findings of the patient's oral conditions accurately as the doctor verbally calls them out; records the treatment rendered in the patient's permanent chart.
  7. Maintains and periodically reviews skills learned in First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; handles medical emergencies until the dentist arrives on the scene or assists the dentist in rendering emergency first aid until additional medical help is available.
  8. Instructs patients in post-operative home care procedures as directed by the dentist.
  9. Performs other miscellaneous related duties


Completion of a 2 year diploma in Dental Assisting Program or equivalent in a recognized institute.


Minimum 3 years of relevant experience.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Meets Saudi Arab Ministry of Health requirements for professional licensure
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation course is required.
  • Oral/written English communication will be required .Colloquial Arabic desirable.
  • Digital dexterity and eye coordination to carry out the required tasks are mandatory. Will be required to learn to recognize and to know the proper nomenclature of dental instruments.
  • Recognizes and identifies the proper nomenclature of approximately 50-100 dental instruments used in one or more specialty dentistry area.
  • Must possess a professional manner suitable for patient contact and management of situations that may arise within the treatment operatory.