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Ophthalmic Technician

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Basic Function

Performs technical diagnostic procedures using delicate and very sophisticated equipment for the diagnoses of eye diseases.


Carries out specialized diagnostic procedures utilizing equipment such as topography, pachymetry, automated refractometry, keratometry, visual field and ultrasonography.  Responsible for the care, and maintenance of equipment valued at approximately 400,000.00 USD.  All the work is performed during normal working hours and beyond if required.  The incumbent works under supervision of the Senior Ophthalmic Technician and reports to the Ophthalmology Division Head. 

Principal Contacts

Daily contacts with ophthalmologists, medical, nursing and clerical personnel regarding day to day operation. 

Principal Duties

A. Visual field examination, manual and automated.

B. Determines ocular axial length by using ultrasound machine.

C. Operates computer to determine intraocular lens implant power.

D. Performs keratometry, manually and computerized methods.

E. Performs tonometry.

F. Performs topography.

G. Performs automated refractometry.

H. Trains patients in the proper use and care of contact lenses.

I. Obtain ocular, medical and family history.

J. Measure visual acuity on children and adults.

K. Apply ocular dressing.

L. Performs pachymetry.

M. Dilate patient's pupils.

N. Neutralize ocular lenses manually and computerized methods.



  • Two year Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology OR
  • Equivalent Certification in Ophthalmic Technology by similar bodies in other countries.


Minimum of three years’ work experience is required.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

Certification in Ophthalmic Technology or similar bodies

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