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Ophthalmologist - Alhasa

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Basic Function

Incumbent provides the full range of ophthalmological care to all Saudi Aramco employees and their eligible dependents. Participates in the planning and implementation of integrated preventive-curative medical Care programs.


Incumbent is responsible for evaluating, diagnosing and administering treatment in the specialized field of ophthalmology, including medical and surgical conditions of the eye; ordering general and specific tests to diagnose and manage eye conditions; performs special non-invasive procedures including: ultrasonography, visual fields, keratometry, auto refraction, and invasive procedures including anterior chamber, and vitreous tap; performs elective and emergency surgery, as expected within the scope of a general ophthalmologist, special procedures on an outpatient basis, i.e., excision of pterygium, incision and drainage of chalazion, etc. Incumbent is qualified to use the Yag and Argon laser, irrigation/ aspiration units, surgical microscope, electrocautery machines, cryomachines and the outcome.  Eye diseases diagnosed and treated include but are not limited to the following: Acute and chronic inflammation of the ocular adnexae including the eyelids, conjunctiva, lacrimal sac; traumatic injuries to the eye and/or eyelid; foreign bodies - extra and intraocular, glaucoma - acute and chronic, cataracts - congenital and senile, motility problems, errors of refraction, surgical and medical retinal conditions.  (Certain medical and surgical retinal conditions, i.e., retinal detachment, diabetic maculopathy, etc., may be referred to Out of Aramco medical facilities.) Supervision is normally minimal due to the nature of the work involved. Incumbent reports to and receives administrative guidance from the Supervisor, Ophthalmology.  Incumbent's work location is primarily JHAH.  He/she may be required to work at other Saudi Aramco facilities.

Principal Contacts

INTERNAL: Daily with patients and their families, physicians, pecialists, nurses and ancillary personnel. When necessary with Occupational Medicine Service and/or other medical services.

EXTERNAL: When necessary with other Saudi Aramco organizations for the exchange of relevant information related to the area of responsibility  with patients supervisor regarding duty restrictions; with outside medical facilities, primarily the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, for patient referral and/or consultation.


Principal Duties

  1. Performs the professional duties of an ophthalmologist.
  2. Conducts eye clinics as required by the Chief of Service.
  3.  Performs complete eye examination, assessment, determines and/or implements the course of treatment.
  4. Discusses with the patient and/or his family the eye findings, management, expected result of treatment and possible complications.
  5. Follows patients through their illness at appropriately spaced intervals.
  6. Receives the results of lab and X-ray tests, ensures that patient is notified of the results and appropriate treatment and follow up is initiated.
  7. Documents and records the eye findings, treatment and the discussions with the patient and/or family in the inpatient and/or outpatient medical records.
  8. Completes patient and other medical records promptly and accurately, indicating diagnosis, treatment, course of action.
  9. Maintains strict confidentiality of patients' medical records.
  10. Makes daily rounds on inpatients and post-operative patients.  This includes daily progress notes in the inpatient medical record, discharge planning, discharge orders, follow up appointments, recommendations on discharge, duty status of the employee, etc.
  11. Performs elective and emergency surgery as expected within the scope of the general ophthalmologist.
  12. Takes on-call coverage of emergency and urgent cases during the daytime and during the night, as per the On-Call Schedule.
  13. Performs special procedures on an out-patient basis, i.e., excision of pterygium, incision and drainage of chalazion, etc.
  14.  Incumbent is qualified in the application of both Yag and Argon laser therapy, as expected in the scope of a general ophthalmologist.
  15. Is available for consultation with other physicians and specialists when requested.
  16. Consults with other physicians and specialists when necessary.
  17. Refers patients to the appropriate physician if/when necessary.
  18. Participates in group conferences requiring the viewpoint and opinions of the specialty regarding difficult medical cases.
  19. Attends staff meetings and weekly rounds and participates in in- service activities as required, i.e., Morbidity & Mortality conferences, Peer Reviews, etc.
  20. Participates in quality improvement programs as required by the Chief of Service.
  21. Consults with his colleagues on major complicated ophthalmology problems.
  22. Communicates with other medical services, specialty chiefs, district clinics, ambulatory medical services and their staff regarding eye problems of the employees or their dependents.
  23. Participates in the ophthalmic education to other services and takes parts in the professional development and training program for primary care physicians.
  24. Attends committee meetings and other JHAH functions as requested.
  25. Follows JHAH medical regulations and policies.
  26. Maintains current knowledge of JHAH policies and procedures.
  27. Consults with and/or informs his/her supervisor for guidance and clarification when necessary.
  28. Participates in the development and/or implementation of industrial eye programs as requested.
  29. Completes Aramco Form 3208 in cases of eye injuries whether on or off the job for all employees and all dependents when injuries occur on company premises.  (Decides and documents off duty for all employees.)
  30. Reports to Epidemiology all conditions mentioned on Form-3011.
  31. Strives to maintain current trends in ophthalmology.
  32. Maintains a professional appearance and manner at all times.
  33. Performs other miscellaneous related duties as requested by supervisor.


Two or more years exclusive practice of ophthalmology since Certification for expatriates only.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • 1. English is required to prepare documentation and it is used as the common language to communicate with different Nationalities.  Basic knowledge of medical Arabic desirable.
  • 2. Must have a thorough knowledge of medical ethics.
  • 3. Knowledge of industrial ophthalmology and of the fields. Related to it and geographic ophthalmology.  Ability to adjust to group practice in an industrial environment.
  • 4. Must be well versed in principles and practices of Industrial  medicine.
  • 5. Current medical license from country of origin (if Applicable).
  • 6. Good physical and mental condition.
  • 7. Affirmative recommendations.