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Senior Expanded Function Dental Assistant - Al Hasa

Job Code


Basic Function

Monitors day to day activities/progress in the Dental Assistants Unit and reports any work related issues to his/her immediate leader (Adv. Expanded Function Dental Assistant). Assists in the day to day function of the unit under the immediate direction of his/her superior.


Providing assistants to General and Specialty Dentists engaged in diagnostic, operative, preventive and specialty procedures during the examination and treatment of patients. Performs expanded functions dental assisting.   Assists in providing the work direction for Associate Dental Assistants and expanded functions dental assistant, schedules and coordinates their duties with the Dental Services professional staff, monitoring work in progress, assists in solving personnel related problems, and keeping appropriate records for the function of the Unit.  Assists in the initial orientation of new-hire dental assistants and scheduling day to day work and vacations.   Reports and receives direction for the mentioned responsibilities from the Specialist of the Dental Assistants Unit. Reports on maintenance related issues and initiates requests/work orders to repair and fix dental units or related matters in the dental operatories.

Principal Contacts

Contacts are made with immediate supervisor, Dentists, Business Office Staff, Maintenance and other professional staff. Occasionally contacts are made with Personnel and Medical Services to exchange information or problem solving.

Principal Duties

  1. Assists in providing day-to-day work direction and technical guidance to Associate Dental Assistants and expanded functions dental assistant
  2. Assists in scheduling day-to-day activities, reviewing and revising assignments and schedules based on changing of workloads or in cases of sickness and emergency situations, keeping the professional staff informed of changes made, assists in planning vacations and short leaves for all the dental assistants.
  3. Inspects daily the operatory areas to assure Dental Assistants are performing to established standards the clinical supportive functions such as cleaning, basic maintenance. Informs or records the conditions encountered, unusual or pending problems and assists in implementing corrective action.
  4. Work closely with the Training Coordinator and On-Job Trainer to coordinate scheduling of staff to attend CPR and In-services.
  5. Assists in providing the initial orientation for Dental Assistants as directed.
  6. Maintains all records concerning day to day activities.
  7. Monitors to assure the adherence to the proper storage and maintenance of supplies practices and procedures, reporting to the Specialist technician problems encountered or actions taken.
  8. Assists in the investigation and problem solving of personnel (dental Assistants) and operatory related issues with established guidelines.
  9. Assists in the monitoring of all safety aspects associated with the performance of the dental assistant duties such as the proper usage and storage of dangerous chemical, drugs and surgical instruments.
  10. Files and maintains the request for Medical Treatment of Injury or Occupational Illness and Blood and Body Fluid Exposure Reports.
  11. Contacts the Specialist Technician concerning the proper maintenance and storage of equipment and supplies related to this function.
  12. Keeps current with new procedures in expanded Dental Assistant functions. Assists in the recommendation of changes in training, or the implementing of new procedures as authorized.
  13. Performs the duties of as Expanded functions dental assistant to meet emergency requirements or to demonstrate practices and procedures during on-job training.
  14. Performs other miscellaneous related duties as requested.
  15. Assists in conducting performance evaluations for Associate Dental Assistants and expanded functions dental assistant.
  16. Assists in conducting regular meeting with Dental Assistants.
  17. Assists in conducting inspections


Completion of a 2-Year diploma in Dental Assisting Program or Diploma Dental Hygiene Program or equivalent acceptable to Dental Services Department


  • Minimum 5 years experience in which 3 years as expanded functions dental assistant plus 2 years related experience in JHAH, or
  • New Hire with 5 Years’ experience.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Meets Saudi Arab Ministry of Health requirements for professional licensure
  • Current validation in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. 
  • Oral/written English communication will be required .Colloquial Arabic desirable.
  • A thorough knowledge of dental equipment/supply nomenclature is mandatory.
  • Thorough knowledge of the Dental Services policies and practices as related to the Dental Assistant function is required to assist in training of new-hires, to provide day-to-day direction and assist in problem solving for multi-national subordinates and assure that high professional ethics are maintained.
  • Basic knowledge of computer skills.