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Dental Therapist

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Basic Function

The Dental Therapist (DT) performs preventive dentistry services including examination of dentition, surrounding tissues, oral prophylaxis and patient education to individual patients and group’s field wide.


The Dental Therapist (DT) works in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Dental Services Department (JHAH DSD) and provides preventive dental services as allocated by JHAH DSD dental clinics field wide. Clinically the DT receives minimal supervision from the supervising clinician and provides routine clinical preventive dentistry services to patients. The DT provides preventative dental services within his or her scope of practice, experience and clinical privileges.

Principal Contacts

The DT has daily direct contact with patients for the purpose of providing routine preventive dental care, caries prevention, periodontal disease assessments and oral health education to maintain the overall oral health of the patient.  The DT will have frequent contact with other Dental Therapists as well as Supervising Therapists and schedulers. While having occasional contact with General Dentists, Specialists, outside groups and organizations in conjunction with educational programs.

Principal Duties

Duties include but are not necessarily limited to the following:


  1. Can perform all duties of PDT.
  2. Interpret findings of intra-oral radiographs and refer findings to a dentist. Apply topical anesthetic agents to gingival tissue to provide pain control during procedures involving sub-gingival instrumentation.
  3. Perform scaling and root planning procedures for patients with mild to moderate periodontal disease.
  4. Assist with the preventive management of certain high-risk patients including medically compromised patients and patients in active orthodontic therapy as prescribed by a dentist.
  5. Advise patients on the correct care of fixed and removable prosthetic appliances including bridges, orthodontic bands, retainers, removable partial dentures and acrylic splints.
  6. Assists with postoperative management of surgical patients, suture removal, dressing changes, debridement and irrigation of surgical sites.
  7. Explain the etiology of periodontal disease to patients and individualize home care programs for effective management of periodontal problems.
  8. Recommend recall intervals suited to patients’ needs.
  9. Participate in community dental health education, screening of patients and referral for dental treatment.
  10. Perform additional duties as requested by Clinic Supervisor or assigned work director.


  • Bachelor's degree in Dental Therapy/Hygiene obtained from KSA, or
  • Associate degree from U.S.A. or U.K. or any other country acceptable to JHAH DSD.
  • Training programs accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Health would be accepted.


At least 3 years of clinical experience in the dental hygiene field.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Fulfill the requirements to be licensed to practice Dental Hygiene in Saudi Arabia.
  • Current CPR certification.
  • Thorough knowledge of medical ethics and the ability to adjust to a large group dental environment.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English. Basic knowledge of conversational Arabic is desirable.  
  • Good work ethic and job performance while employed in a multinational healthcare environment.
  • Demonstrate competent communication skills and work well with fellow colleagues.