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Associate Public Relations Representatve

Associate Public Relations Representatve

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Basic Function

Conducts planned and unplanned health awareness campaigns in coordination with various health care services in JHAH and manages JHAH health care professionals’ participation in various outreach activities. Executes JHAH social activities such as Id, Mid-Ramadan and national day celebrations and coordinates official visits to JHAH and participates in general JHAH Public Affairs activities.


Under the supervision of the Public Relations Unit Supervisor in Dhahran, performs the following:

  1. Develops a pre-approved annual schedule of JHAH events/campaigns,
  2. Maintains accurate action plans for each JHAH campaign/event,
  3. Ensures that services’ participation adheres to the JHAH policies and standards,
  4. Promotes JHAH initiatives to raise the level of healthcare awareness in the community,
  5. Arranges for JHAH healthcare professionals’ participation in outreach programs and exhibits, and
  6. Participates in additional activities as directed by PRU Supervisor.

Should be willing to work during and after working hours and holidays inside and outside Saudi Aramco facilities.

Principal Contacts

Internal: Daily within the Unit and frequently with various medical services in JHAH on matters related to principal duties and responsibilities.

External: Occasional contact with:

  • several Saudi Aramco Departments such as Public Relation and Media Productions,
  • Government and private agencies through appropriate channels as approved by JHAH Government Affairs
  • Schools and universities,
  • Mall Managers,
  • Catering Service Managers, and
  • External vendors’ Marketing and Sales Representatives in accordance with JHAH policies

Principal Duties

Duties will vary according to assigned campaign/ event:

  1. Prepares all aspects of event management (pre and post event/campaign) under minimum supervision.
  2. Coordinates with JHAH services to prepare: campaign/event goal and objective, theme, required printed material (banners, rollups, posters, etc.), giveaway gifts, catering purchase orders, and discuss cost calculation and evaluation plan with the Event Management team group leader.
  3. Prepares the required direct charge or petty cash as per Material Supply Services Division policies and procedures.
  4. Coordinates with vendors and medical services to design and produce printed materials for campaigns/ events.
  5. Provides logistical support regarding venue booking and set-up, transportation, gate access, gate pass, and photography requests.
  6. Promotes campaigns/ events through various marketing channels such as the Arabian Sun, Al-Qafilah Al-Usbu'iyyah, the JHAH or Saudi Aramco website.
  7. Provides onsite support during campaigns to resolve any logistical matters and ensures adherence to safety standards.
  8. Orders educational material, as needed, from the online Health Educational Catalogue.
  9. Coordinates PCA activities including Agenda, Ids, gate access, conference room, invitation, catering, dinner arrangement and transportation.
  10. Works with JHAH Marketing and Communications Team for reviewing and approving health care-related material to comply with the JHAH Corporate Branding Guidelines.
  11. Handles the logistics for JHAH official visitors through meet and greet packages and JHAH facility tours and Saudi Aramco community.
  12. Works with JHAH services in planning the annual calendar of JHAH planned campaigns/ events in compliance with international recognized health-related days and events and accordingly prepares the annual budget plan. 
  13. Coordinates the production and distribution of health education printed material.
  14. Promote participation in the Volunteer Service through campaigns, educational material, community groups, displays, etc.
  15. Interview volunteering applicants and process recruitment paperwork.
  16. Organize activities and ceremonies to recognize and reward the volunteers (i.e., annual Award Luncheon).
  17. Coordinate Summer Student Volunteer Program in accordance with set criteria, and review criteria yearly in coordination with supervisors of Services.
  18. Promote the development of volunteer services in the Healthcare Network through close coordination and referral of volunteer applicants as appropriate.
  19. Promote the development of volunteer services in the Healthcare Network through close coordination and referral of volunteer applicants as appropriate.
  20. Performs other duties as assigned by PRU Supervisor.


 Bachelor degree in Public Relation/Communication or any health related science.


Up to 5 years of work experience.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • A good knowledge of oral and written English and Arabic.
  • Should have a thorough knowledge of basic science, health care, and JHAH operations.
  • Must have excellent computer skills.
  • Ability to deal tactfully with all levels of the public and JHAH officials. S
  • Should be well informed and up-to-date as to JHAH operations, policy and PRU programs.


3. Communicate Openly & Effectively
6. Plan & Organize Work
2. Quantity Of Work
5. Foster Teamwork
1. Person-Centered Care
4. Drive For Results
7. Cybersecurity