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Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical Pharmacist
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Basic Function

Clinical Pharmacist functions and responsibilities include the following: 

  • Provides Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacoutilization and Pharmacokinetic consults.
  • Provides evidence-based therapeutic guidelines and other specialized services for optimal Pharmaceutical Care.
  • Provides medication monitoring and drug information services at an advanced patient specific level to ensure safe and effective drug therapy.
  • Processing and verification of medication orders at specialized units as required.
  • Serves as a resource person for the assigned specialized area/unit as part of a Multidisciplinary team.
  • May serve as the primary representative for Pharmacy Services in activities such as committees, taskforces etc.



Clinical Pharmacist shall embrace the Intensive Caring values of the organization and uses them to guide his/her interactions with patients and other health care professionals. Clinical pharmacists provide patient care that optimizes the use of medication and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention. He/she shall provide general clinical services for individually tailored therapeutic regimens utilizing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles for cost-effective and desired patient outcomes. He/She will participate in general patient care rounds with medical staff for optimizing pharmacotherapeutic outcomes. Clinical pharmacists care for patients in all health care settings hospitals and clinics. 

Principal Contacts

INTERNAL: Frequent contact with Pharmacy personnel, physicians, dentists and nurses. Occasional contact with other areas such as medical customer services, quality improvement, maintenance and security etc for operational needs.

EXTERNAL: Occasional contact with patients for medication related problems. Answers specific drug information questions for Saudi Aramco non-medical personnel.

Principal Duties
  •  Assess and evaluate patient’s pharmacological and non-pharmacological needs.
  • Evaluates pharmacotherapy management of patients.
  • Applies the principles of Pharmaceutical Care to provide optimum medication-related patient outcomes.
  • Develops and maintains a clinical practice with a patient care service, cooperating with medical and nursing personnel to optimize the pharmacotherapeutic aspects of patient care. Provides optimal selection of pharmacologic agents, and design of a regimen to maximize therapeutics benefit and minimize toxicity.
  • Provides daily follow-up on the clinical effects of the regimen with adjustments as necessary to achieved desired outcomes.
  • On a daily basis, attends rounds in the inpatient and/or clinic areas with direct patient care contact for pharmacotherapy management and visual assessment of physical and psychological signs of drug-related effects.
  • Performs pharmacokinetics dosing and monitoring for all patients on drugs where therapeutics levels are reported.
  • Information source for the latest advances in pharmacotherapy.
  • Consults with physicians and nursing as to the appropriateness of pharmacoutilization.
  • Assist in implementing USP 797 Standards and other regulatory standards
  • Develops pharmacotherapy protocols, conduct routine prospective DUE’s; and maintains an up-to-date drug information service.
  • Ability to utilize latest Pharmaco-Informatics
  • Document Pharmacotherapeutic interventions on a daily basis and submit a monthly quantitative and qualitative analysis report to the Chief of Pharmacy.
  • Provide both didactic and practical education to pharmacy staff and other health care professional.
  • Provide patient education and counseling services.
  • Participate in Staff development competency programs
  • Precept pharmacy interns and students
  • Participates in performance improvement initiative via intra- and inter- departmental committee and task force.
  • Provides written communications of the pharmacotherapeutic interventions in a timely and professional manner. This includes but not limited to documentation in patient chart, entries into monitoring forms, and SAP documentation of cognitive services.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Supervisor or designee

• Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree recognized by North America or obtained from Saudi Arabia with a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in clinical pharmacy practice, OR,

• Master of Clinical Pharmacy degree with a minimum of five-year experience in relevant clinical pharmacy practice at JHAH, and passing an equivalency assessment tool by JHAH, OR

• Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy with a minimum of seven-year experience in clinical pharmacy with Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS).

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable
  • Licensed or eligible to be licensed to practice clinical pharmacy in Saudi Arabia.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Knowledge of Saudi Arab laws and regulations is preferred.