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Advanced Cardiovascular Technician

Advanced Cardiovascular Technician

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Basic Function

Performs a variety of technical and non-technical functions with minimal to no direction from Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (CCL) Lead. Assists in clinical areas that require Cardiovascular Technology support including in-patient and out-patient services.


Working within Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Nursing & Clinical Services Organization. Carries out specialized therapeutic, technical and diagnostic procedures utilizing specialized and complex equipment and instruments. Responsible for the care maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment and instruments. Will coordinate with Clinical Engineering Unit to arrange for complex maintenance. Will be assigned to other duties as required in CCL. Assist, overview and plan orientation/training of tech/nurses as per requirements for the unit, as well as in-service training for all new supplies, equipment, processes and supplies. Incumbent requires a thorough current knowledge in all aspects of CCL procedures and protocols and has demonstrated competency in this area. Will also be responsible for updating procedures and protocols to ensure evidence based practice.  In general, all work is performed during normal working hours but will be on call and may be required to work shifts.

Principal Contacts

Routine daily contact with Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Unit staff, Clinical Engineering Unit staff, CSS staff, hospital staff, clinic staff, and auxiliary medical personnel. Frequent contact with clinicians and patients. Occasional with other JHAH and outside services.

Principal Duties

  • Serves as direct clinical resource in the development, review, revision, and implementation of CCL policies, and procedures, standards of care, and applicable medical organization policies.
  • Represents unit or department on committees, special interest groups, and task forces.
  • Apply problem-solving in all technical and mechanical problems as they occur.
  • Activates, operates, and troubleshoots all radiographic equipment, hemodynamic monitors, digital subtraction angiography units, pacemaker programming units, contrast power injectors, patient monitoring equipment, and all other CCL equipment.
  • Performs diagnostic and interventional CCL procedures according to evidence base practice and policy.
  • Utilizes proper exposure factors and acquisition programming, as well as use of tableside controls during procedures.
  • Ensures radiation safety and protection guidelines are followed at all times by all CCL staff.
  • Functions as scrub assistant to assist during CCL procedures.
  • Monitors patient's cardiac rhythm and hemodynamic values during CCL procedures using hemodynamic monitoring.
  • Assists CCL staff during patient resuscitation efforts.
  • Assists in patient preparation, patient movement, patient monitoring, and patient transportation prior to, during, and immediately following the CCL procedure.
  • Ensures that a permanent record of all CCL procedures is stored on CDR or permanent archiving device, as well as ensuring that all medical record keeping responsible is up to date.  Responsible for audits on medical records to identify potential problem areas.
  • Generates CD copies of CCL procedures for referral patients per physicians' orders.
  • Records all CCL procedures in the CCL logbook or as directed.
  • Completes inventory counts of all CCL supplies, coordinates with Central Supply to ensure timely ordering and delivery of supplies.  Revision of stock levels needed and adjustment to ensure minimal wastage and optimal utilization.
  • Coordinates with Clinical Engineering for maintenance and repair of all CCL machinery.
  • Maintains and updates knowledge about new CCL equipment, procedures, and techniques.  Organize in-service training for CCL staff to ensure level of knowledge is current.
  • Plan, oversee and participates in the cross-training of students and other new employees.
  • Plan, implement and participates in Quality Program and Safety of the Cardiac Cath Lab in compliance with accreditation standards and policy.
  • Reports and follows up on discrepancies in cases to Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) for correction.  Address potential problems
  • Reports excessive fluoroscopy to Radiation Protection Officer. Maintains Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) Badges on a monthly basis for CCL staff and Cardiology Services Division Clinicians and ensure corrective measures are put in place.
  • Implement and monitor  all new practice/protocols as directed
  • Expert in clinical specialty.  Leads  designs, implement and monitornew initiatives and research programs within area of expertise.
  • Demonstrates effective multidisciplinary collaboration and team behaviors.

Principal Duties (cont'd)

  • Contributes to organization culture of quality and safety demonstrates, facilitates and advocates Evidence Based Practice.
  • Organization influence, e.g. leads multidisciplinary committee/ project, represents nursing at organization committee/ project, and may lead organization committee / project.  Focus is on providing high-quality, patient-centered care leading to optimal outcomes in-patient care.
  •  Treats customers (guests, patients, nurses, physicians and other employees) with courtesy, respect and caring behaviors.
  • Presents a positive image of JHAH through professional appearance and behavior.
  • Maintains confidentiality by choosing the appropriate persons, time and place for patient related discussions.
  • Immediately brings abnormal findings to the attention of the attending cardiologist.
  • Assures patient comfort and dignity measures during transport, without exception.
  • Frequently checks for and reads all communication/minutes.
  • Demonstrates effective collaboration and team behaviors
  • Contributes to unit culture of quality and safety.
  • Completes risk assessments and implementation of corrective meansures.
  • Manages daily business and scheduling routines.
  • Coordinates mandatory continuing education within the scope of licensure.
  • Coordinates communication between all involved modalities in daily practice.
  • Be responsible for inventory, equipment function, vendor relationships and coordination of staff, physician and patient scheduling daily.
  • Coordinats performance improvement activities to ensure continous quality improvement.


Bachelor's of Science degree in Cardiac Technology


Minimum 7 years  work experience as Cardiovascular Tech in a Cardiac Cath Lab, including at least 2 years’ experience in a senior position.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • One or more of the following Certifications: Cardiac-Interventional (CI) / Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS) / Registered Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Specialist (RCES).
  • Candidates must meet the requirements of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties / Ministry Of Health.
  • Basic computer skills desirable.
  • Working knowledge of spoken and written