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Associate Architectural Engineer

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Basic Function

Works as Associate Architectural Engineer with a team of architects, engineers, service providers and contractor to oversee all construction and design activities. Develop medium project designs for in-house construction by contract personnel and review major renovation designs for construction by contractors.


The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Patient Support Services Dept./Medical Support Services Division, in Dhahran and in Districts  ( Al Hasa, Udhailiyah, Ras Tanura, and Abqaiq).  The selected candidate will work as Associate Architectural Engineer for Project Management Team, within Medical Facilities Management Unit. 

Principal Contacts

Daily with Supervisor, Medical Facilities Management Unit/Project Management Team

Principal Duties

Roles include but are not limited to:

  1. Assists in designing new installations or modifications to existing facilities to improve quality, or throughput, work flow, or prevent losses.
  2. Participate in the review of, studies, reports, correspondence and related data.
  3. Maintains up-to-date progress status of work assigned to assure that work does not digress from approved scope.
  4. Participate in value engineering tasks and prepares initial revision of engineering design specification and structural modifications to facilities
  5. Assists in designing new installations or modifications to existing facilities to improve quality, or throughput, work flow, or prevent losses
  6. Facilitation of design input meetings with client and user groups
  7. Knowledge of major medical and diagnostic imaging equipment space planning
  8. Contribution to and influence of site, exterior and interior designs
  9. Development of room data information and design development plans and interior elevations
  10. Work directly with and lead multi-disciplinary teams, and deliver projects on schedule and within budget
  11. Responsible for coordinating team members and consultants, programming projects, conducting site visits, and all necessary communications and documentation needed to ensure successful completion of projects
  12. Participate in client presentations and project meetings

Bachelor Degree in Architectural Engineering or Construction Management



Up to 5 years architectural experience preferred


Certifications/Other requirements as applicable
  • Must have excellent understanding of international codes and standards applied like AIA, NFPA, UBC, ASHE, JCIA.
  • Must have working knowledge of CADD software such as Bentley 'Microstation' and 'AutoCAD'.
  • Experience working in project teams and experience in managing multiple small projects
  • Ability to speak and write reports in English is required.

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