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Associate Dental Assistant

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Basic Function

Provides assistance to a dentist and dental therapists during clinical dental procedures. Performs clinical supportive functions.


The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Dental centers. Responsible for providing assistance to a dentist and dental therapists engaged in diagnostic, operative, or preventive procedures during examination and treatment of patients. Work involves assisting in all phases of clinical procedures as well as maintaining sterile equipment, instruments, operatory area cleaning tasks, and others of increasing complexity as the incumbent gains experience. More complex tasks include the preparation and mixing of materials used during patient treatment such as the preparation of the anesthetic syringe with proper needle and anesthetic carpule; preparation of rubber dam equipment, preparation and/or mixing of impression materials (alignate, hydrocolloid, and rubber base), periodontal dressings, cements zinc oxides, zinc phosphate, calcium hydroxide), restorative materials (amalgam and compost resins) and others. The incumbent progresses in new skills through in-service training and experience in chairside assistance under the supervision of the Dentist, on-Job Trainer and Expanded functions Dental Assistant. Work is performed under the direct supervision and direction of the Dentist or the guidance of Senior Dental Assistant. Work hours are assigned to meet operational needs of the assigned area.

Principal Contacts

Ongoing Contacts are made with all levels within the Dental Services such as those with dentists, dental therapists and business office personnel, dental laboratory technicians and with patients.


Principal Duties

    A.   Sharpens, cleans, sterilizes and returns instruments to the standard storage position, sets up or checks pre-prepared operative trays.

   B.   Practices sterile techniques at all times to prevent cross contamination of diseases from patient to patient and patient to operators.

    C.   Prepares and mixes various materials for use of the dentist during patient treatment, assuring proper timing, contamination control, and measurement without supervision of the Dentist or the Expanded functions Dental Assistant who are both occupied with the patient.

    D.   Seats the patient, adjusting the chair to proper position; drapes the patient with bib, sterile towel or apron as required; provides a clean cup, sterile instruments required, and the patient's chart with radiographs on the view box, so that the dentist may proceed immediately.

     E.   Establishes rapport with patients, treating them with consideration and gentleness; maintains a constant vigilance for signs of abnormal behavior or appearance in the patient and alerts the doctor to possible emergency situations.
     F.   Cleans dental operatory and does basic maintenance of the dental unit equipment, chair, handpieces, vacudent, including the disassembly, lubrication and the changing of filters.

     G.   Helps the Expanded functions Dental Assistant with retraction of cheeks and tissues, irrigation and aspiration of mouth fluids during patient treatment to gain experience. Practices skills required in four- handed instrument transfer and learns to anticipate instruments and materials required by the dentist.

     H.    Orders dental supplies as directed and maintains operatory stocks of materials required by the dentist.

       I.    Handles materials of a sensitive nature, taking the necessary precautions to prevent cross contamination and maintains required controls on mercury and   formocresol to prevent mercury poisoning and handling formocresol side effects.

      J.    Performs other miscellaneous related duties as requested.



Completion of a Two Year Dental Assisting Program or equivalent acceptable to Dental Services Department.


0-2 year of experience is required after passing the program training.


Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Meets Saudi Arab Ministry of Health requirements for professional licensure
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation course is required.
  • Oral/written English communication will be required .Colloquial Arabic desirable.
  • Digital dexterity and eye coordination to carry out the required tasks are mandatory.
  • Will be required to learn to recognize and to know the proper nomenclature of dental instruments.
  • Must possess a professional manner suitable for patient contact and management of situations that may arise within the treatment operatory.