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Associate Phlebotomist

Job Code


Basic Function

Prepares and paves the way, by fulfilling the phlebotomy associated task, for the phlebotomists to perform the phlebotomy procedure efficiently. Communicates with the physicians, nurses and patients as needed. Issues appropriate non-blood specimen containers to the patients and receives blood and non-blood specimens in the computer system. Also, performs segregation and processing of specimens as situation requires. Makes sure that priority specimens are delivered to the appropriate sections in a timely manner.    


Assigned to any Clinical Laboratory of the JHAH, including districts, (Dhahran, Al-Hasa, Ras Tanura, Abqaiq or Udhailiyah). Performs phlebotomy associated task in both out-patients and in-patient areas. Has knowledge about the supplies used for phlebotomy and containers for all laboratory specimen collection. Receives supervision from the superiors. May be required to work in shift responsibilities. May be assigned to further job related trainings to improve the work environment if needed.

Principal Contacts

Has daily direct contact with patients and patient’s family members if needed for the sole purpose of blood and non-blood specimen collection. Also has daily contact with Clinical Laboratory staff, Supervisors, Physicians and Nurses.

Principal Duties

  2. Prepares and replenishes the phlebotomy supplies in all phlebotomy areas for the phlebotomists to perform phlebotomy procedure efficiently for the full satisfaction without any impediment.
  3. Helps at the reception window to receive the patient.
  4. Releases the orders form the computer system, arranges the labels and calls-in the patients according to the priority and availability of phlebotomists.
  5. Helps the phlebotomists to deal with the uncooperative, handicapped, pediatric and geriatric patients to perform the phlebotomy successfully.
  6. Issues non-blood containers to the patient and explains the collection procedures.
  7. Verifies the specimen containers are labelled appropriately before dispatched.
  8. Receives blood and non-blood specimens in the system.
  9. Makes sure that the priority specimens are being collected and send to the sections in a timely manner as per the priority.
  10. Interacts with the patients, physicians and nurses if needed, in such a way to maintain the positive laboratory image.
  11. Gathers correct information from the test catalog available in the computer system and provides the patients, physicians and nurses with appropriate preparation procedure to be followed with for the special tests.
  12. Makes sure that phlebotomy supplies are always available in-hand and updates the work director of the status.
  13. Demonstrates professionalism, follows proper dress code policy, maintains personal hygiene, smart look and courteous and compassionate expression to symbolize positive laboratory image.
  14. Makes sure the safety related activities are being carried out in timely manner and documented.
  15. Helps to complete the requirement for the fulfilment of accreditation process.
  16. Performs the task with full confidence and skill.
  17. With training and experience, expected to perform phlebotomy with the supervision of the senior phlebotomist.
  18. Performs other job related miscellaneous activities requested by the seniors or the supervisory personnel.
  19. Maintains highest level of punctuality at all times.


  • High School Certificate or equivalent is required.
  • 2 years Diploma in medical technology is preferred.


Up to 2 years of relevant experience or experience in a well equipped laboratory as a support staff.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable


Good verbal and written English. Knowledge of Arabic is also preferred.


  • Acceptable level of understanding of Clinical lab standards and other hospital standards.
  • Good computer skills.
  • Good manual dexterity is essential in order to perform procedures safely and effectively.
  • Must be capable of dealing with multi-nationals.
  • Expected to have knowledge of basic human anatomy, especially the circulatory system.
  • Needs good communication skills as dealing with the healthcare professionals and support staff within JHAH is necessary. 
  • Knowledge of company policies and procedures, statistics and JHAH emergency disaster plans and response.


  • Must be qualified for the required Medical License if needed.
  • Certificate of BLS is preferred as an associate of patient care staff.
  • Expects motivation and positive attitude.
  • 12.  Willing to work shift pattern as required (day, evening, night).
  • 13. Willing to work overtime if required
  • 14.   Flexible, and willing to work in any JHAH Clinical Laboratory District –wide (Ha, RT, ABQ and UDH)