Cardiac Surgeon - Cardiac and General Thoracic

Cardiac Surgeon

Basic Function

Cardiac Surgeon is a sub-specialist providing attending and consulting services to this patient sub-group needing cardiac surgical care, both preventive and curative.



Will provide attending and consultative services to in-patients and out-patients of any age group which are within his competence and expertise.

Shall report to, and will be under the administrative supervision of the Chief of the Surgical Division. Clinical privileges approved by the Credentials and Privileges Committee shall determine the limits of the surgeon's clinical practice.

Shall inform the Chief of Surgery about any unusual problems regarding actions taken within their clinical privileges.

Principal Contacts

Daily contact with the patients and their families. Also to interact routinely with other medical and para-medical staff in performance of duties.

Principal Duties

  1. Performs professional duties of a Cardiac Surgeon at the attending and consultant level.
  2. Provides consultancy services to other medical specialties and Intensive Care unit.
  3. Assumes after-hours responsibilities of managing hospitalized patients, and also provides consultant cover of cardiac surgical patients reporting to the Emergency Room.
  4. Adheres to the JHAH rules and regulations and performs work within the established standards of the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospital standards.
  5. Participates in all in-service activities, i.e. lectures and conferences, and keeps current on latest techniques and procedures being developed in Cardiac Surgery.
  6. Participates in Quality Improvement activities.
  7. Supervises the work of junior medical staff in Cardiac Surgery and passes the evaluation to the Chief of the Division of Cardiology.
  8. Participates in hospital committee meetings as determined by his Supervisor.
  9. Shall take active part in the teaching activities of the junior medical and nursing staff.
  10. Shall complete yearly CME hours as per requirement of the Saudi National Health Council.
  11. Shall strive to carry out relevant research projects in his specialty and try to publish research papers and interesting case reports in recognized medical journals.
  12. Cardiac Surgeon will work at Dhahran Health Center and shall provide 1:2 or 1:3 on-call cover for emergency care of his patients. In exceptional circumstances, as determined by the organizational needs of these on-call commitments may vary from the stated over short periods of time.
  13. Shall provide full-time surgical cover to the invasive cardiological procedures at Dhahran Health Center.


  • At least three years of sub-specialty training in Cardiac Surgery programs recognized by the American Board or Royal Colleges of United Kingdom/Canada with Board sub-specialty or eligibility; or equivalent certification or eligibility.
  •  Must have worked for at least 5-10 years, after completion of sub-specialty residency, as a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon.


Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Good command of oral and written English.
  • Ability to adapt to group practice