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Civil Engineer

Job Code


Basic Function

Works as Civil Engineer to oversee and coordinate the facilities construction and design related activities.


Works with Facilities Support Services Department/Project Management Team.


Principal Contacts

Team, Unit and Division Heads

Principal Duties

  1. Meet care providers (proponent) and identify their functional requirements
  2. Liaise between engineering office and care providers
  3. Develop conceptual designs based on proponent scopes
  4. Review Engineering Drawings and provide corrective comments
  5. Conduct site visits to verify as-built conditions
  6. Use the Engineering Drawing central database
  7. Research materials, systems & construction techniques suitable to the scope of work.
  8. Reports to Project Manager on components of a T&I or projects of a complex nature.
  9. Maintains job logs and initiates necessary documentation on contractor performance, material damage or loss claims, accident reports, job completion reports and contract payments.
  10. Checks out completion of maintenance and construction; verifies that tests are complete; documents material transfers, shortages or damages; analyzes and assists in accounting reconciliation, including final inventory.


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree.



  • Minimum five years construction or architectural experience in building projects.
  • Familiars with the required healthcare standards
  • Depth of knowledge of basic construction techniques and healthcare facilities maintenance

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Must have excellent understanding of international codes and standards applied like AIA, NFPA, UBC, ASHE, JCIA.
  • Must have working knowledge of CADD software such as Bentley 'Microstation' and 'AutoCAD'.
  • Experience working in project teams and experience in managing multiple small projects.

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