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Clinical Dietitian

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Basic Function

Scientifically plans and calculates all therapeutic diets for hospitalized patients, and performs the required nutrition intervention and education for the patients, in coordination with the multidisciplinary care team.

  1. Works within Johns Hopkins Aramco Health Care Nursing & Clinical Service Department in Dhahran, Al Hasa, Ras Tanura, Udayliyah, and Abqaiq.
  2. Supervised by senior dietitians, works in dietary office, medical kitchen, and inpatients wards in Dhahran Health Center (DHC) and outpatients clinics, field wide.
  3. Provides nutrition care related and provides dietary services to JHAH staff and patients of various nationalities, cultures, ages and medical conditions.
  4.  Supervises serving of daily meals to inpatients at DHC to meet their nutritional requirements.
Principal Contacts
  1. Contacts with the supervisor, nutrition advisor, clinical nutrition leader, food services team leader, other staff of Clinical Nutrition and Food Services Unit (CNFSU) and food services contractor.
  2. Contacts with patients, wards clerks, nurses and other members of the health care team to obtain nutrition information, analyzes them, develops nutrition care plans, and assists in nutrition education process for patients and staff.
Principal Duties
  • Performs nutrition assessment and re-assessment processes of inpatients and outpatients and communicates findings with senior dietitians and other members of the multidisciplinary care team, and documents findings in medical charts.  
  • Obtains diet histories from patients and performs nutrition assessment and re-assessment processes of inpatients and outpatients, documents findings in medical charts, and communicates the outcomes with senior dietitians, other staff of Clinical Nutrition and Food Services Unit (CNFSU), and members of the healthcare team.
  • Plans and calculates therapeutic diet based on nutritional requirements of patients, their ages, medical conditions, cultures, laboratory results, and body weight.
  • Coordinates diet instructions and follow ups for inpatients and outpatients and documents information in patients’ medical charts.
  • Discusses patient’s cases with physicians, nursing staff and other members of the health care team.
  • Performs calorie count, when needed.
  • Conducts in-service education classes for nursing staff, food service personnel and CNFSU staff.
  • Keeps updated practices and trends in the fields of dietetics, nutrition, and food services
  • Maintains daily records of patients’ nutrition data and diet instructions.
  • Supervises tray line as required and checks meals for Quality Improvement purposes.
Principal Duties (cont'd)
  • Provides nutrition education to inpatients and their caregivers and to outpatients.
  • Performs miscellaneous duties as required by senior dietitians and supervisor of CNFSU. 
  • Participates in clinical rounds and in nutrition exhibitions, awareness campaigns and in Quality Improvement activities of unit.
  • Supports improving the healthcare network nutrition and food services operation.
  • Attends dietitians meetings.
  • Maintains advanced level communication skills, including counselling skills, motivation and behavior changes strategies.
  • Participates in training program of nutrition students and interns of local universities.
  • Performs duties on week days and weekends/holidays as per the operational need of CNFSU.               

Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nutrition, preferable current license with Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

  1. Minimum 2 years clinical nutrition experience in a JCI accredited hospital.
  2. Completed 1 year internship in a JCI accredited hospital.
Certifications/Other requirements as applicable
  1. Fluent oral and written English and independently apply problem solving strategies to enhance patients outcomes with effective resolution. Spoken Arabic is desirable, however, not essential.
  2. Able to read and comprehend medical charts and clinical references.
  3. Has an updated knowledge and practices on dietetics and food services.
  4. Has adequate knowledge and understanding of the relevant cultures and religious beliefs pertaining to food and nutrition.
  5. Active member in an International Nutrition Association.