Consultant Medical Physicist

Consultant Medical Physicist

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Basic Function

Under the direction of the Supervisor of the Imaging Support Team, the employee will augment the existing diagnostic medical physics support services being provided to ensure safe use of JHAH diagnostic x-ray emitting devices, primarily in Radiology, but also may include: Urology, Catheter Lab and Dentistry. This would include but not be limited to: equipment procurement documentation development, modality acceptance testing & commissioning, quality control program development and annual testing, modality specific accreditation program implementation, equipment imaging chain troubleshooting with vendor service engineers and onsite clinical engineers, image/dose optimization studies, patient dosimetry measurements and Radiology staff technical development.


The employee will be based at the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) Dhahran facility within Radiology Imaging Services of the Medical & Technical Support Services Department. On occasion the employee may be required to also travel to the district facilities (Ras Tanura, Al-Hasa, Abqaiq and Udhailiyah), remote clinics (Haradh, Tanajib, Shaybah and Khurais) and JHAH designated facilities. The employee will work as a Consultant Medical Physicist during regular working hours and may on occasion provide after hour coverage as well. Hence, the work hours will be mandated to meet the operational needs as directed by Radiology management.

Principal Contacts

The employee’s primary contacts will be with all staff within Radiology Imaging Services and Radiology Imaging Division, in addition to other JHAH medical staff that is responsible for safe use of x-ray emitting devices. Per operational demand the employee may also be required to interact with IT, clinical engineering unit, Gulf Medical/Agfa onsite service engineers, Radiology PACS administrators, imaging equipment vendor service engineers, medical and facility services staff and/or other services’ key personnel. On occasion, the need may also arise to communicate with JHAH medical designated facility personnel, tele-radiology vendor contact personnel and the public.

Principal Duties

  1. Development of purchasing and acceptance specifications documentation for imaging equipment procurement.
  2. Evaluate vendor RFQ responses, perform comparative analysis and provide technical recommendation to Radiology Imaging department equipment purchasing committee.
  3. Perform acceptance testing, calibration and annual safety surveys of imaging equipment (e.g.: CT, ultrasound, mammography, fixed and portable general radiography, fixed and portable fluoroscopy, angiography suites, lithotripsy, dentistry and cath. lab suites), most of which use flat panel receptor technology.
  4. Perform acceptance testing and calibration of auxiliary devices (e.g.: workstation display monitors, CR digitizers, etc.).
  5. Develop, implement and supervise modality quality control programs.
  6. Develop, implement and supervise modality accreditation programs.
  7. Participate in modality imaging chain troubleshooting (working with vendor service engineers and onsite clinical engineers).
  8. Perform image/dose optimization studies.
  9. Provide consultation with radiologist concerning patient and fetal dose determinations.
  10. Consult with other physicians and patients regarding radiation exposure and safety.
  11. Develop and maintain modality patient dose management system.
  12. Provide mammography consultative services to JHAH designated facility clinical sites.
  13. Participate in Radiology Imaging Department financial and staff planning; and equipment utilization studies.
  14. Teaching and presentation of continuing education programs for radiology residents and technologists, graduate students, physicians, nurses, ancillary personnel and other staff.
  15. Participate in planning for future radiology facilities.
  16. Assist in the Radiology safety program.
  17. Perform clinical trials of new imaging devices and/or modalities for improving diagnostic uses of radiation.
  18. Participate in the Saudi Board of Radiology resident medical physics course (coordinated by Saudi Medical Physics Society).
  19. Participate in clinical and basic research.


  • Masters of Science in Physics or with sub-specialty in Medical Physics
  • PhD degree in Medical Physics is preferred


  • Minimum of 15 years’ of experience in diagnostic medical physics or nuclear medicine physics support services.
  • Working knowledge as clinical medical physicists.
  • Comprehensive working knowledge of patient exposure measurements.
  • Comprehensive working knowledge of image processing.
  • Comprehensive working knowledge of digital radiography, fluoroscopy and mammography technology.
  • Comprehensive working knowledge of CT and ultrasound technology.
  • Comprehensive working knowledge of SPECT/CT, PET/CT, dose calibrators, thyroid uptake units and gamma cameras (preferred).
  • Comprehensive working knowledge of MRI.
  • Comprehensive working knowledge of computer science and networking.
  • Working knowledge of PACS, display devices and CR digitizers.
  • Working knowledge of the DICOM standard and modality integration with PACS systems.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Board certification in diagnostic medical physics or nuclear medicine medical physics (e.g.: American Board of Radiology, American Board of Medical Physics, Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine, American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine or equivalent) is required.
  • Strong English language writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • A logical and inquisitive mind with excellent analytical skills.
  • Good team working abilities.