Consultant Periodontist

Consultant Periodontist

Basic Function

The Periodontist will diagnose, treat and institute preventive measures directed towards control of Periodontal disease. Monitor and direct patient's progress through all procedures of Periodontal treatment and preventive measures. As a Periodontal surgeon, the incumbent serves as liaison and consultant to Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare and has the final authority, within the Dental Division, in regard to all matters mentioned above.


The Periodontist will work in the Dental Service of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare and will be involved in the Periodontal requirements of all Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare employees, dependents and any other patients eligible for treatment within the Saudi Aramco guidelines.  Presently Periodontal services are provided by Periodontal Surgeons and all levels of Dental Therapists field wide.  Patients from district clinics and patients requiring general anesthetic are treated in Dhahran or the Hospital operating room.   Supervision is from the Physician Manager of Specialty Dental Services on administrative matters and functional problems related to forecasting future service requirements. Technical supervision is minimal, the incumbent being responsible for the direct supervision of Dental Therapists.

Principal Contacts

Daily contact with all levels of employees, their dependents and approved general public patients in conducting the duties as outlined below.  Contact necessary with the Chief, Dental Services, Physician Manager of Specialty Dental Services, Dental staff and Technical personnel to coordinate all functions of this Specialty unit. Occasional contact with American and European Periodontists and local General Dentists regarding referral and continuation of cases under treatment.  Maintains contact with Periodontal Societies and Organizations to ensure the continuing update of treatment methods, including all aspects of quality control and sedation techniques

Principal Duties

  • Thorough examinations of all patients exhibiting periodontal disease.
  • Radiographic, laboratory and clinical evaluation leading to a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Performance of range of treatment, both conservative and surgical, for the management of oral defects resulting from periodontal disease.
  • Assures the delivery of quality ethical and cost-effective periodontal services within Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare; including but not limited to, Dhahran District Clinics and hospitals.
  • Assures adequacy of periodontal equipment and instrument sterilization as well as the delivery of related services in the above facilities.
  • Policies, treatment guidelines and technical protocol on all subjects related to periodontics.
  • Quality assurance within the periodontal unit through written reports including continuing education, and unit meetings.
  • Renders consultative opinions and directions to other dentists and physicians on periodontal matters.
  • Screen and recommend candidates for position as periodontist and dental therapists via locum and/or acting assignments.
  • Offers advanced training of all dental therapists regarding their functions.
  • As part of in-house educational program, offers periodic lecture material on all periodontal matters.
  • Preparation and delivery of periodontal material to Saudi Arab students and dentists participating in the dental residency program with an approval and supervision of a Consultant Periodontist.


  • Minimum of 5 years of practice solely devoted to the study and/or practice of periodontics.
  • Two years residency training is included as part of the Five (5) years.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • An excellent command of written and oral English.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to deal with a multi-national patient population
  • Must be able to adjust to group practice and provide staff guidance in an industrial setting which will include an understanding of corporate organization, personnel policies, procedures and administration.
  • Subscribes to and is never in violation of the standards of professional and company ethics.