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Consultnt Medical Physicist-Radiotherapy

Consultnt Medical Physicist-Radiotherapy

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Basic Function

The post holder is responsible for the operational management of the radiotherapy physics service

Provides medical physics support and advice for safe and proper function of the radiation oncology unit.

Checks and verifies that all equipment used for patient radiation treatment performs to the standards required and is within statutory regulations.

Preforms radiation treatment planning and calculations to meet radiation oncologist’s prescription and provides scientific and technical oversight for patient dosimetry.


Provide professional advice to clinical staff on the physics of radiotherapy.  As a Consultant Medical Physicist the post holder will act as an independent clinically qualified medical physicist providing highly specialist, complex advice Undertake patient radiotherapy treatment planning, related dosimetry and checking in accordance with the radiation oncologist's prescription.  Performs quality assurance, control tasks and calibration of radiotherapy equipment and maintain accurate records to ensure all equipment performs to the standards required and within statutory regulations for optimum operation and utilization.

Principal Contacts

Has contact with radiation therapist, physicist, physicians, patients, engineers, Radiation Protection officers (RPO), nursing staff and clerical personnel and JHAH IT. Liaise with equipment manufacturers and suppliers as required.

Principal Duties

  • Operationally responsible for the delivery of a safe, high standard and cost effective radiotherapy physics service, ensuring that standard operating procedures and protocols are in place and deploying resources as and when required to meet service need.
  • Prioritize and manage own work and work independently to perform all required radiotherapy medical physics duties.
  • The post holder will take into account the legal and ethical considerations when exercising their own professional self-regulation as a consultant medical physicist.
  • Participate in aspects of purchasing new radiotherapy equipment, including specification, evaluation, selection, acceptance testing and commissioning as required.
  • Development, review  and implementing of a quality assurance program for all treatment modalities, treatment planning systems, dosimetry equipment and radiation therapy imaging equipment ,localization procedures, and computational equipment and programs to assure that patients receive prescribed doses and dose distributions, within acceptable accuracy.
  • Establishing and being responsible for the standards of practice within the radiotherapy physics section and ensuring these are in accordance with recognized criteria, including national and international regulations, guidance, approved codes of practice and published standards.
  • Work with the JHAH RPO to ensure all radiation protection requirements are met. Investigating incidents involving radiation and perform post-incident/accident patient dosimetry.
  • Withdrawing highly complex radiotherapy machines and equipment from use in cases where patient safety may be compromised.
  • Provide appropriate expert medical physics advice on clinical equipment issues to all cancercare staff. Investigate and assist to resolve problems on highly complex patient clinical equipment. Applying rigorous scientific methods to solving therapeutic problems for the benefit of patients.
  • Using professional judgement when providing complex, wide-ranging expert advice to clinical staff on individual patient treatment plans, quality assurance, radiation dosimetry and the interpretation of scientific advice and results. The highly-specialist, complex and advanced nature of this expert advice means that there may be no recourse to another clinical scientist.
  • Planning and organizing complex equipment commissioning programs that involve a range of professionals from inside and outside JHAH, including physics staff, equipment suppliers and Radiation Protection Advisors.
  • Liaise with, and give assistance to both JHAH and/or manufacturers’ engineers in the event of any machine or equipment down-time or failure, including out of hours working as necessary.
  • Responsible for decisions with regards to the fitness of radiotherapy equipment for clinical use following major repair or changes to software or hardware.
  • Responsible for calibration of the radiotherapy linear accelerator traceable to international standard
  • Performing complex radiation protection shielding calculations, taking into account current and future use factors and access to protected areas, to design equipment bunkers that ensure staff and the public are protected in accordance with the limits and recommendations set in national legislation, guidance notes and current best practice.

Principal Duties (cont'd)

  • Produce routine and complex radiation dose plans including IMRT, VMAT, IGRT, SBRT and carry out associated complex calculations to quantify the radiation dose received by the patient, in accordance with clinical prescription and agreed procedures, using computerized planning systems as appropriate.
  • Analyze proposed treatments and make highly analytical judgements regarding treatment parameters and patient radiation dose effects. Using visual objectivity and computerized dose volume histograms, to ensure adherence of dose uniformity and dose critical constraints.
  • Calculate, and prepare templates for critical irradiation beam shielding blocks as specified by the radiation oncologist.
  • Assurance of the accuracy of treatment unit parameters and settings for a patient's treatment, including correct transfer of parameters between the CT simulator, MRI, PET, the treatment planning system and the treatment unit.
  • Responsible for performing the final independent check on treatment technique, treatment plan data, dose calculations and templates.
  • Perform pre treatment IMRT and VMAT patient specific QA and periodic review of each patient's chart.
  • Measures and performs dosimetry for electron based patient treatments.
  • Perform In-vivo measurements to verify the dose delivered to a patient as requested by the radiation oncologist.
  • Keep all records, document and report work as appropriate.
  • Encouraging, initiating, supervising and participating in research and development in the areas of radiotherapy physics, treatment planning and radiotherapy treatments.
  • Participate in chart rounds and multidisciplinary radiation oncology patient-discussion conferences.
  • Initiating and participating in clinical and dosimetric audit activities
  • Participating in clinical and audit activities.
  • Ensure that the radiation oncology unit participates in external audits to provide a further level of quality assurance that the correct dosimetry and beam parameters are in use for treating patients safely.
  • Participation at radiation oncology physics or related medical meetings to receive and disseminate updated information and or practice standards information.
  • Oversight dosimetrist and/or junior physicist carrying out patient dosimetry and treatment planning, ensuring that policies and procedures are adhered to.
  • Carry out patient dosimetry, planning and plan-checking as required to support the dosimetrist and/or junior physicist.
  • Researches and develops new devices and modalities for improved therapeutic use of radiation and send recommendations to medical management.
  • Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, workshops and keep abreast of latest technical and Scientific advancements.


  • Bachelor and Masters degree in Physics with sub-specialty in Medical Physics.
  • PhD is relevant field is preferred.


  • Minimum of 10 years as a clinical radiotherapy physicist and 4 years post board certification.
  • Comprehensive expert knowledge of radiotherapy physics
  • Working Knowledge of medical physics (diagnostic, nuclear medicine and radiation protection)

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Board certification in Therapeutic medical physics (e.g. American Board of Radiology,
  • Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine or internationally recognized equivalent
  • Strong English language writing and verbal communication skills, Arabic is desirable.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently.
  • A logical and inquisitive mind with excellent analytical skills.
  • Good team working abilities.
  • Meets the MOH and Saudi commission for health specialties requirements.
  • Must be proficient in English language.