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Basic Function

An Endodontist's function is the study and practice of the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the pulp and associated pathological peri-radicular conditions.


The Endodontist will work in the Dental Service of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare and will be involved in the endodontal requirements of all Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare employees, dependents and any other patients eligible for treatment within the Saudi Aramco guidelines. The Endodontist will be knowledgeable and skillful in the diagnosis and treatment of pulpal and/or periapical pathology. The scope of his/her practice includes continuing education presentations; ensuring adequate endodontic equipment and expendable supplies are maintained and functional control of the endodontic operatory.  He/she will be responsible for endodontic inventory.  Technical supervision is minimal; administrative supervision from the Chief of Dental Services. Work hours are assigned to meet the operational needs of the assigned area.

Principal Contacts

The Endodontist’s principal contacts are with Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare employees and their eligible dependents requiring endodontic treatment.  Patients who are selected by Government Affairs for treatment who are members of the Royal Family or other high government levels.  Other frequent contacts are the entire medical and dental staff as needed when implementing the functions of consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

Principal Duties


Responsible for differential diagnosis, control of pain of pulpal and/or periapical origin.  Orders necessary radiographs and performs appropriate diagnostic tests to establish diagnosis.  Advises patients as to the nature and severity of a problem and the necessary treatment.


Treats pathology of pulpal and/or periapical origin by performing as indicated; pulp capping; pulpotomy; pulpectomy, non-surgical treatment of root canals and periapical pathosis of pulpal origin; obturation of canals; selective surgical removal of pathological tissues resulting from pulpal pathosis; replantation; hemisection; root amputation; endodontic implants; and bleaching of discolored teeth.


Serves as primary consultant to the dental and medical services in diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of pulpal and/or periapical pathology.


Monitors endodontic treatment by other clinicians to ensure quality of endodontic treatment maintains high standards.  Advises and formulates dental policy regarding endodontic treatment for approval by the Chief of Specialty Dentistry.


Has functional supervision of endodontic operatory.  Monitors quantity and quality of endodontic supplies.  Advises the supply supervisor of needed adjustment in endodontic inventory.



At least five years of practice in the specialty of endodontics.  Two years residency training is included as part of the five (5) years.


Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Thorough knowledge of medical ethics.
  •  An ability to adjust to group practice in an industrial health care environment.


1. Clinical Expertise
2. Documentation
3. Health Care Quality
4. Health Care Reliability
5. Health Care Safety
6. Person-Centered Care
7. Cybersecurity