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Epidemiology Practitioner

Epidemiology Practitioner

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Basic Function

Implements various first level professional services in the different fields of Epidemiology Unit. Such services aim at maintaining high health standards in JHAH/Saudi Aramco industrial facilities as well as its residential areas and the Company's contractor camps.


Supervises field activities in Epidemiology. Provides professional services to all corporate industrial and service organizations, its residential areas and contractor camps, its local suppliers of food-related items, and municipalities or other Govt. organizations when requested. Authorized to inspect, survey and take samples in all Company-operated or sponsored areas. Reports directly to the Senior Epidemiology Specialist (CP 5). His academic standard and experience minimize any required technical supervision except for periodic job evaluation

Principal Contacts

Daily with various unit supervisors and advisors of the Department to coordinate teamwork surveys; and with physicians, nurses and administrators of JHAH to implement disease prevention Programs. Frequently with supervisors of Community & Industrial Services. Occasionally upon request from senior municipal, health, and other Government officials.

Principal Duties

  1. Implements strategies to control preventable diseases in JHAH/Saudi Aramco population, or in the Company's hospital/patient care facilities. Follows up the medical handling of certain cases of epidemiologic importance to assure proper case and control management.
  2. Plans and gives in-service health training to professional employees and self-directed community groups.
  3. Monitors disease occurrence in JHAH/Saudi Aramco by reviewing staff reports of positive laboratory cultures, surveying Disease Report cards initiated by physicians, or initiating supplemental surveillance procedures. Investigates reports of serious or obscure problem areas and takes necessary control action.
  4. Watches global epidemic trends by reviewing WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record. Makes necessary preparations and recommendations to prevent their spread to our region.
  5. Reviews Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Weekly Summary of Countries with Areas Infected with Quarantinable Diseases. Informs the Company about changing health requirements for international travel and instructs clinics about necessary immunizations.
  6. Participates in editing the monthly Epidemiology Bulletin and the annual Morbidity and Mortality Report.
  7. Offers consultation as directed by the unit head on medical prophylaxis and other preventive medical measures.
  8. Participates in continuing medical education for the staff.


A Bachelor's Degree in nursing or health-related sciences from an accredited university.


At least 3 years of public health experience satisfactory to the Chief, Preventive Medicine Services Division.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Fluency in English language and medical terminology.
  • Fluency in Arabic preferred but not required.