General Anesthesiologist

General Anesthesiologist

Basic Function

Administers anesthesia to patients during surgical, obstetrical and
other medical procedures performed at the JHAH Health Center. Assess
and treat critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Assists
the Chief Anesthesiologist in other duties as assigned.


Responsible for serving as an Anesthesiologist specialist to provide consultation and administer with the full range of anesthesia methods and techniques. Incumbent maintains high-level professional performance according to standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals and American Society of Anesthesiologist. Work is performed in the JHAH Health Center where anesthesia services are provided on a 24-hour a day basis. Incumbent assists the Chief Anesthesiologist as required, and in his absence may supervise complete operation of the Anesthesia & Critical Care Division. Professional and administrative direction is received through discussion of problems with the Chief Anesthesiologist to ensure adherence to existing Company and Department policies. Incumbent frequently works independently of professional supervision.

Principal Contacts

Daily contact with Chief Anesthesiology Services, Physicians, Nursing
Staff, Operating Room Personnel, Patients and families in carrying out
the duties as outlined below.

Principal Duties

  1. Provides anesthesia with the full range of anesthetic agents, methods and techniques. Observing safety standards in the operating room as related to anesthetic agents and equipment. Have and maintain the competence in Anesthesia specialty and ability to perform clinical services in accordance with privilege.

  2. Provides technical advice and guidance to nursing staff and as required provides orientation/training in new techniques and procedures.

  3. Interviews patients scheduled for surgery to assess and develop an anesthesia care plan and to establish rapport and allay fear and apprehension.

  4. Sees patients post operatively to evaluate recovery from anesthesia, to assess complications and make recommendations as indicated.

  5. Provides medical assessment and diagnosis, respiratory and cardiovascular support to critically ill patients in the Intensive Care and Step down Units.

  6. Assists the Chief Anesthesiologist as required:In supervising the Recovery Room.

    • In serving the Johns Hopkins Saudi Healthcare committees and teams.

    • In providing for continuing education conferences within the Anesthesia Services. Acts as the Chief Anesthesiologist as assigned.

  7. Keeps current with the new procedures and techniques in the field of Anesthesia.

  8. Stands on-call duty as assigned by Chief Anesthesiologist for emergency surgery, obstetrics and/or medical procedures.

  9. Performs other miscellaneous duties as directed by the Chief Anesthesiologist.

  10. Will be required to live in hospital when on-call.


  1. Minimum of two years of experience in the management of all types of anesthetic agents and techniques in all types and ages of patients.
  2. Post Certification by American Board of Anesthesiology or post F.F.A.R.C.S. (or F.C.A.) examination.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Comprehensive knowledge of safe use of all general anesthetic agents, techniques and methods currently accepted in the practice of anesthesia.
  • The ability, in the absence of the Chief Anesthesiologist, to provide on-site assessment of personnel, equipment and overall anesthesia environment.