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General Physician

General Physician

Basic Function

Serves as a general practitioner, diagnoses and treats patients for diseases and disabilities; directs preventive care of patients according to approved procedures which are part of an integrated program of curative and preventive services.


The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Primary Care Services Division in Dhahran, Al Hasa, Ras Tanura, Abqaiq and Udahliyah. May be assigned to any of the Company’s out-patient services including rotational duty in Primary Care Services in all locations. Supervised by the Unit Heads in his work location and Chief of Primary Care Services. Day-to-day work direction including assignment of duties and on-the-job review of actual work performed and technical advice usually provided by a Head Physician or Chief of Primary Care Services. Supervisors make spot checks on the accuracy and completeness of patient records, observing diagnoses made and treatments rendered. Advice and consultation is received from the supervisor, work director or medical specialists in treating difficult cases. The majority of professional problems encountered are solved without reference to the supervisor.

Principal Contacts

Most contacts are with patients and their supervisors or relatives, involving the interpretation of medical information to the layman. Has no responsibility for capital expenditures.

Principal Duties

Works as a physician in one of more of the following assignments:

  1. Performs the professional duties of a General Practice physician in a manner consistent with his/her training and in accordance with the privileges delineated by the credentials committee.
  2. Out-patient clinics: Examines and treats patients coming to the out-patient clinics. Takes medical history, examines patient, makes diagnosis and prescribes medications and other therapies. Seeks specialist consultation when necessary.
  3. Follow patients through their illnesses at appropriately spaced intervals. Orders laboratory and x-ray procedures and interprets results as required. Orders or applies such preventive measures as may be indicated. Performs physical examinations on employees, wives and children. Makes recommendations as to fitness for employment. Takes appropriate action to counsel patient on any physical defects uncovered during the examinations and makes appropriate arrangements for treatment and follow-up. Advises the Company of employees’ limitations in capacity to perform work because of health. Must be familiar with local or industrial factors which may produce disease or dysfunction (e.g. noise, toxic substances, child delivery and feeding practices, etc.).
  4. Emergency Receiving Room: Determines which cases constitute an emergency, extends rapid treatment to the patient as needed, makes quick decisions, chooses the correct consultant for immediate judgment and treatment if necessary. Advises nursing personnel regarding medical problems; response to radio/telephone calls from remote areas requesting medical advice; occasionally must go on emergency ambulance trips or otherwise use good judgment in responding to bona fide outside emergencies. This duty is principally at night and on weekends. ( applicable to the relevant District )
  5. Participate in peer review and performance improvement activities as well as other professional activities. Attend continuing medical education (CME) meetings as time permits. Provides patient care in accordance with the best available evidence based practice.
  6. Completes all medical records and case histories promptly, indicating there on the diagnosis and treatment given. Is responsible for the medical accuracy, completeness and confidential nature of patients’ medical records.
  7. Provides health counseling of patients as needed.
  8. Attends professional and Company meetings as directed by the supervisor. Occasionally prepares cases for presentation at ward rounds and staff meetings. Prepares medical papers for delivery at group meetings.


A minimum of two years satisfactory practice in general medicine after internship, either in a hospital, private practice or the equivalent.  


Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Proficient in English.
  • Good physical and mental condition.
  • Current medical license from country of origin to practice
  • Arabic language is preferred.