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Basic Function

To provide specialized medical care to patients who have kidney diseases


The nephrologist is a staff member of the specialty medicine Department. The nephrologist’s responsibilities are divided between the outpatient nephrology clinic (30%) and the inpatient services. This includes consultations and admissions (50%) and performing procedures such as kidney biopsy and dialysis catheter insertion (10%).The nephrologist attends to patients in both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis units. This accounts for 10% of the time. The nephrologist performs these duties under the professional supervision of the chief of specialty medicine Department.

Principal Contacts

The nephrologist is in daily contact with patients, their families, nurses, and hospitalists, physicians from other disciplines, staff physicians, pharmacists, and ambulatory services departments.

Principal Duties

To perform the professional duties of a nephrologist in accordance with the delineation of privileges as recommended by the chief of specialty medicine Department and approved by the credentials committee.

A. Performs the duties in the nephrology clinic (evaluation of patients with kidney diseases). This accounts for 30% of the time.

B. Provides consultative services to inpatients admitted to the intensive care units and general wards. This accounts for 50% of the time.

C. Attends to patients requiring dialysis in both the hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis units. This accounts for 10% of the time.

D. Performs procedures including renal biopsy and temporary dialysis catheter placement. This accounts for 10% of the time.

E. Admits patients who require specialized nephrology care such as kidney biopsy, vascular access surgery and radiological interventions.

F. Provides after working hours on-call emergency coverage for nephrology emergencies, hemodialysis unit and peritoneal dialysis unit.

G. Provides supervision and education to the dialysis staff, nurses and technicians

H. Participates in the monthly staff meeting of the specialty medicine Department

I. Participates and contributes to the educational activities of the specialty medicine Department including clinical conferences and Ground Rounds.

J. Participates in the educational activities for medical students, interns and residents.

K. Participates and contributes to or the quality assurance activities of the service (e.g. mortality and morbidity conference, peer reviews, audits and chart reviews).

L. Supervises the work of medical students, interns and residents.

M. Performs additional duties as assigned by the chief of the service (e.g. committee membership )


  1. Must have at least 2 years of practice in the field of nephrology and proof of expertise in the discipline of nephrology.
  2. 2 years of residency training in  internal medicine in a recognized residency training program
  3. 1 year internship in a recognized  training program

Other requirements as applicable

  • Must have excellent command of verbal and written English
  • Must hold a valid license to practice medicine

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