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Non-Invasive Cardiologist

Non-Invasive Cardiologist

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Basic Function

To provide specialized services to patients for the diagnosis and management of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.   Directly working as a Cardiologist (non-invasive)


Cardiologist will work within Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Specialty Medicine department under Cardiology Service in Dhahran, Al Hasa, Ras Tanura, and Abqaiq. The employee will work as a Cardiologist (non-invasive).   Responsibilities are divided between the outpatient cardiology clinics cardiovascular unit and in patient services. He/she will be expected to perform all basic aspects of general cardiology, including the management of patients with unstable angina and acute coronary syndromes, congestive heart failure, valvular disease, and basic arrhythmia problems. In addition to these basic functions, he/she will be expected to interpret EKG’s, transthoracic echo Doppler studies, Holter monitors, stress tests including both exercise and pharmacological stress tests. He/she may request privileges to perform specialized echo Doppler procedures including transesophageal echocardiography, stress echocardiography and contract echo. He/she will also be expected to perform/interpret transesophageal studies and stress echoes along with providing expert guidance to junior staff involved with stress testing patients. He/she will work under the professional supervision of the Head of Cardiology Services Division, and he/she must actively participate in all the clinical activities of the division, as well as the educational, quality assurance and peer review activities. Working hours are assigned to meet operational needs of the assigned area. Direction is through the Head of Cardiology Service

Principal Contacts

Daily contact with patients, their families as well as nurses, cardiovascular technologists, catheterization laboratory staff as well as other members of the Cardiology Services Division. In addition to Emergency room physicians, he/she may be in contact with the internists and other subspecialists of the Internal Medicine Services Division as well as the Surgical Services Division if requested to do so on consultation. He will also be consulted by the members of the Ambulatory Services Division including General Practitioners (family physicians), internists both from Dhahran Health Center and the districts.

Principal Duties

  • To perform professional duties of a cardiologist in accordance with the delineation of privileges as recommended by the Head of the Cardiology Services Division, and approved by the Credentials Committee.
  • To provide outpatient evaluation of patients with cardiovascular diseases, which will approximately count for between 30% up to 40% of his time.
  • To provide care to inpatients in the Coronary Care Unit and Telemetry Unit, as well as on other wards. This will account for approximately 25% of his/her time.
  • To perform cardiac procedures including non-invasive procedures such as supervising or interpreting both exercise and pharmacological stress tests, and Myoview or thallium scans, EKG interpretation, Holter monitor interpretation, routine transthoracic echo Doppler studies.
  • To provide consultation services, as requested, for in patients in the area of his/her expertise, which will account for about 5%-10% of clinical duties.
  • To share in the on call duty of the Cardiology Services Division, with being on call roughly one in seven. During on-call he/she will be expected to respond to requests for assistance from the emergency rooms both at Dhahran Health Center and the districts, including Ras Tanura,
  • Abqaiq, Udhailiyah, Al-Hasa and Tanajib. He/she may also be consulted by other specialists after working hours to provide emergency consultation for Internal Medicine Services Division and Surgical Services Division.
  • He/she will be expected to participate in the monthly staff meeting of the Cardiology Services Division.
  • Will attend any mandatory meetings of the Division, particularly the Cardiac Catheterization Conference.
  • He/she must contribute to the educational activities of the Division, including Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs as well as contribute to the education or professional development of other health care professionals in contact with the Cardiology Services Division, particularly Cardiovascular Technicians, Cath Lab personnel, Professional Development Physicians, and Cardiology Ward Physicians.
  • Will provide medical reports as requested in a timely and professional manner in accordance with JHAH policies.


  1. Minimum of two years practice in the field of cardiology following successful completion of fellowship.
  2. Proof of expertise in non-invasive cardiology, particular echocardiography including performance of transesophageal and stress echo, and/or nuclear cardiology. Must produce proof of this expertise, including current privileging.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Excellent command of verbal and written English as well as ability to adjust to working in a group practice of cardiology in a multicultural environment.
  • Must be able to work as a team member.


6. Person-Centered Care
2. Documentation
5. Health Care Safety
1. Clinical Expertise
4. Health Care Reliability
7. Cybersecurity
3. Health Care Quality