Occupational Medicine Specialist

Occupational Medicine Specialist

Basic Function

Implement a field-wide program in Occupational Health to promote the health of employees in general, protect them from specific hazards present in the work environment, manage those whose health was compromised by such hazards, and advice appropriate compensation when complete recovery is not achieved. Also offer environmental medicine consultation, in the absence of a specialist in that field.


The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Occupational Health Unit/Preventive Medicine Services Division in Dhahran, Al Hasa, Ras Tanura, and Abqaiq.  The incumbent will implement the Occupational Health Programs (such as Hearing Conservation, Health Surveillance, Pulmonary Protection, etc.). Update the Program Standards to conform to those of the Government and the world best practice. Manage cases of occupational diseases either directly, such as diving emergencies, radiation over-exposure, acoustic trauma, etc., or in consultation with the appropriate specialist. Serve as the Corporate Consultant in problem or precedent-setting industrial injury compensation cases at the Labor Office Board, the GOSI Board, or the Company Committee. Advise other specialists in occupational-related health problems. Work hours are assigned to meet operational needs of the assigned area. Direction is through the department head, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Principal Contacts

Ongoing with JHAH managers and with Chief of Primary Care Services, District Primary Care Services, Chiefs of Surgery, Specialty Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, Pathology, Unit Heads of Epidemiology, Health Promotion and Environmental Health. Frequent contacts with Loss Prevention, Environmental Protection, Human Resources, Social Insurance & Labor Relations, and Law Departments. Such contacts are primarily for consultation, conveying information, securing cooperation, and resolving mutual problems. Periodic contacts with line supervisors in all Departments company wide, especially in Upstream, Downstream, Engineering and Operations to implement the Occupational Health Programs.

Principal Duties

  1. Practice the full range of responsibilities and duties as an Occupational Medicine Consultant.
  2. Advise medical management on the Environmental Medicine issues.
  3. Offer technical supervision to a highly qualified staff including Occupational Audiologists, Optometrists and Health Practitioners.
  4. Evaluate pre-employment physicals for compatibility with the job demands, periodic physicals/medical examination for management of correctable conditions; special physicals for monitoring hazardous exposures and safety sensitive jobs; and termination physicals for documenting the validity claims.
  5. Plan certain industrial/occupational rehabilitation services, such as frequency-selective hearing aids for cases with acoustic trauma in the Hearing Conservation Program. Recommend individual job restrictions for employees with physical and health handicaps/limitations.
  6. Participate in design of new industrial plants and processes to minimize health problems.
  7. Undertake periodic field surveys to detect any job-related medical hazards.
  8. Collaborate with Industrial Hygiene/Environmental Protection Dept., and Loss Prevention Dept., to eliminate such hazards.
  9. Implement the Ministry of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Inspection Regulations.
  10. Provide drafts for JHAH/corporate occupational health and safety as well as air quality standards to comply with those from the Government.
  11. Provide medico-legal advice for industrial claims when requested by the Company, Ministry of Labor, or GOSI Boards for Compensation.
  12. Serve as a consultant to clinical medicine staff in treatment of occupational diseases, and provide other physicians with information on most recent technical advancements in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of such diseases.
  13. Analyze and interpret statistical data for evaluation of component programs.
  14. Produce special studies requested by his Supervisor.



  • A total of ten (10) years (inclusive of Medical Graduation) of medical practice including at least five (5) years or equivalent of full time practice in Occupational Medicine.
  • For MFOM candidates, a minimum of 10 years’ experience including the number of years of qualifications/board certification.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Preferably possession of general knowledge of processes in oil industry, workmen compensation, computerized diseases registries and information system
  • Fluency in English with ability to write scientific and medical reports, preferably established by a published medical article.