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Ophthalmology Subspecialist - Pediatric

Ophthalmology Subspecialist

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Basic Function

Provides the full range of ophthalmological care to all Saudi Aramco employees and their eligible dependents.  Participates in the planning and implementation of integrated preventative-curative medical care programs.


Responsible for evaluating, diagnosing and treatment in the field of ophthalmology, including medical and surgical conditions of the eye: ordering general and specific tests to diagnose and manage eye condition: performs non-invasive and invasive procedures, performs elective and emergency surgery, as expected within the scope of Ophthalmologist and Sub-specialist.  Performs YAG and Argon laser applications.  Reports to and receives administrative guidance from the physician manager, Ophthalmology Services Unit.

Principal Contacts

Has daily contacts with patients and their families, physicians, specialist, nurses, allied health staff and clinical administrators.  

Principal Duties

  1. Performs complete eye examination, assessment, determines and/or implements the course or treatment.
  2. Discusses with the patient and /or his/her family, the eye findings management, expected results of the treatment and possible complications.
  3. Follows patient through their illness at appropriately spaced intervals.
  4. Completes patient and other medical records promptly and accurately, indicating diagnosis, treatment and action.
  5. Maintains strict confidentiality of patient’s medical records.
  6. Performs elective and emergency surgery as expected within the scope of the general ophthalmologist.
  7. Takes on-call coverage of emergency and urgent cases during the day and during the night, as per the on-call schedule.
  8. Performs special procedures on an out-patient basis.
  9. Qualified in the application of both Yag and Argon Laser therapy.
  10. Consults with other physicians and specialists when necessary.
  11. Refers patients to the appropriate physician if/when necessary.
  12. Participates in group conferences requiring the viewpoint and opinions of the specialist regarding complex medical cases.


  • Three years of practice in the field of Ophthalmology after the board, with proof of expertise.
  • Must hold a valid license to practice medicine.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Excellent command of the English language, both verbal and written.
  • Ability to adjust to group practice in a medical environment.


1. Clinical Expertise
2. Documentation
3. Health Care Quality
4. Health Care Reliability
5. Health Care Safety
6. Person-Centered Care
7. Cybersecurity