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Pathology Subspecialist

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Basic Function

The primary responsibilities of the pathologist are to examine and report histopathological, cytopathological, and hemapathological specimens, to provide consultations to the Clinical Laboratory Services Division and to promote quality and safety throughout the various quality assurance programs in place. The pathologist works and cooperates with the other pathologists and with the medical staff to provide the best standard of patient care.


Supervisory and advisory responsibilities are field wide, including all JHAH medical laboratories in Dhahran, Ras Tanura, Abqaiq, Al Hasa and Udhailiyah.

Principal Contacts

1. All physicians throughout JHAH. The pathologist should be available to physicians for consultation regarding all functions and reports released from the medical laboratories, including blood banking facility.

2. Laboratory technologists in general and section leaders and other supervisory technologists in particula

Principal Duties

  1. Examines and report all specimens including surgical, gynecologic and non-gynecologic cytology and bone marrow specimens.
  2. Consults with the surgeon during the course of operation with or without frozen section examination.
  3. Works with clinical laboratory services, when needed, and provides consultations regarding selecting test procedures, quality ontrol/assurance measures and interpretation. 
  4. Participates in educational activities of the lab personnel. 
  5. Participates in professional staff meetings and in multidisciplinary as well as inter-divisional medical conferences. 
  6. Consults and communicates with JHAH physicians regarding pathology or laboratory results. 
  7. Perform other miscellaneous duties related to your area of expertise as assigned by superior management. 


  1. Review cases of the lymph node biopsies, bone marrow biopsies and aspirates for diagnosis of hematological diseased, malignant  conditions, and metabolic diseases. The hematopathologist will also act as a consultant for other pathologist in this area. 
  2. Review of selected abnormal peripheral blood smears and body fluids. 
  3. Provide interpretations of flow cytometry assays including immunophenotyping of leukemia/lymphoma, minimal residual disease, lymphocyte surface markers, DNA ploidy analysis, neutrophil function test etc.
  4. Provides interpretations of platelet aggregation studies, coagulation tests, and hemoglobinopathy assays. 
  5. Review and update of hematology related laboratory manuals in collaboration with Clinical Laboratory Services Division.
  6. Exploring new technologies in hematology field and studying the feasibility of implementing such technologies in the hematopathologist field.
  7. Future planning to meet expected clinical demands and provide a high quality service.


Two years’ experience in specialist's capacity beyond post-graduate training.

Other requirements as applicable

Good spoken and written English is a requirement.