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Patient Services Advisor

Job Code


Basic Function

Candidate will be assigned front line employee serving Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) patients.  Candidate implements various first level professional services in the different fields of Patient Relations and Medical Liaison Office under supervision. Such services aim at maintaining the highest JHAH image and ensure patients satisfaction in JHAH facilities. Assist in districts and contracted Medical Designated Facilities as assigned.



A Medical Liaison Applicant will be required to assisting Saudi Aramco Personnel, Government and Private Organization, Ex-employees and non-employee regarding medical related items/issues. Receives referrals from JHAH management offices, Ministry of Health and Private Hospital, Government Correspondences related to medical leave and other medical issues.

A Patient Relations Applicant conducts professional field activities such as handling and following-up on patient and staff complaints, suggestions, unusual situations, patients and staff surveys, follow-up on special unit projects in JHAH facilities. Outline and monitor the implementation of first level Patient Relations programs, such as patient complaints, suggestions and unusual situations. Plan and evaluate Patient Relations projects.

Principal Contacts

Internal: Daily contact with Chief Physicians, Chief Nurses and Division Heads of other medical services and professional medical staff in JHAH field wide. Some contact with Medical Chiefs, staff and Management of Public Relations, Government Affairs department Computer and Communications, Security departments and other essential contacts.

 External: Saudi Aramco departments, supervisors, government agencies.

Principal Duties

Medical Liaison:

  • Responsible to follow-up with the concern physician to complete the outstanding medical report.
  • Release of Medical information to the patients and government organization upon their request.
  • Follow-up approval of the Sick Leave for Students, Teachers, Government employees, escort certificates, and verified if required.
  • Medical information request received and process from Saudi Aramco ex-employees, non-employees, and the Aramco Services Company (ASC).
  • Received and process Non-Saudi Aramco Government Affairs Correspondence request.
  • Responsible to verify outstanding payment for non-medical services provided to Aramco employees prior to approving their departure clearance.
  • Manage the approval for medical check-up for kidney transplant for non-Saudi Aramco.

Patient Relations:

  • Depending on the nature and level of complainant, handles, follow-up, monitors and evaluates all patients and staff complaints and suggestions in coordination with Medical departments and services and provides feedback to originators and Medical Management.
  • Utilizes academic expertise and knowledge to implement unit programs and/ or develops team members and intervening strategies related to coaching and staff Performance Evaluation Program (PEP).
  • Monitors the routine Patient Relations reports and evaluates JHAH facilities, hospitals and clinics and Contracted Designated Hospitals.
  • Plans, monitors and participates in the JHAH and Patient Relations Campaigns to promote health and the image of the organization.
  • Performs other miscellaneous duties as directed by the Supervisor.
  • Monitors the Patient Relations staff performance in relation to handling and follow-up of customer complaints and suggestions.
  • Assists the Unit Supervisor in preparing various statistical reports such as monthly reports, accountability reports, business and operating plans, manpower allocations and budgets.
  • Follow-up on Patient Relations programs in the different districts and regions and reports on these programs to the Supervisor.
  • Maintains confidentiality with information regarding customers and colleagues.


Bachelor Degree is required, Health related field is preferred.


Minimum 5 years’ experience in customer care, healthcare field, public relations or related fields is required.


Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Maintain computer skill/experience.
  • Excellent communication skills and public relations skills.
  • Ability to acquire quickly a basic knowledge of the organizational structure of JHAH and the Saudi Government.
  • Fluent written and spoken English and Arabic.
  • Medical terminology training is preferred.