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Basic Function

Pharmacist functions and responsibilities include the following: 

  • Medication therapy assessment for dosing, allergies, drug-drug interactions, and drug-food interactions.
  • Processing, entering and verification of medication orders
  • Medication dispensing ensuring right patient, right drug, right time and right dose and route
  • Provide medication education when necessary
  • Compounds and directs extemporaneous preparation formulation
  • Conducts day-to-day operations and coordinates on-going work activities
  • Coordinates workflow for assistant pharmacist, pharmacy aides and other clerical staff 



Ensures safe and effective pharmaceutical service for assigned area of operations. Accurate interpretation of medication orders and their processing utilizing pharmacy computer system. Must be knowledgeable about the available medications on the formulary, pertinent restrictions and prescribing guidelines.   Communicates with the prescribing physician to clarify or confirm medication related queries. Works independently, and is responsible for all aspects of pharmacy practice.   May be assigned to different area of operations or shifts in Dhahran or other districts. May work as shift or area work director. Ensures smooth daily operations and supervises assistant pharmacists, pharmacy aide and other clerical staff.  Reports to the applicable Supervisor or designee.

Principal Contacts

INTERNAL: Frequent contact with Pharmacy personnel in order to ensure smooth operations.  Frequent contact with physicians, dentists and nurses for clarification/advice on specific medication prescription/orders.

EXTERNAL: Frequent contact with out-patients regarding their medications.

Principal Duties
  • Transcribes/verifies medication orders into computerized profile efficiently and accurately
  • Compounds and dispenses medications according to Physicians' prescriptions or in-patient Physicians' order as per approved guidelines or accepted literature reference. 
  • Reviews and interprets physician orders for clarity, rationality, dosing, allergies, drug-food, drug-drug interactions, in-compatibilities etc.
  • Intervenes directly with appropriate healthcare professionals for medication related queries such as therapeutic alternates and drug information.
  • Documents all the interventions in a readily retrievable format
  • Provides medication education and counseling to patients as needed or assigned by the supervisor/designee.
  • Acts as a drug information resource for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  • Maintains control and security of all medications including secured storage of narcotics and controlled medications.
  • Maintains required pharmacy records as per company policies and Ministry of Health requirements including narcotics/controlled medications.
  • Ensures adequate stock replenishment on a regular basis including narcotics when assigned.
  • Prepares Intravenous Admixtures considering compatibility of the additives and the main solution. 
  • Assigns Assistant Pharmacists and other Pharmacy personnel in the work area to assure effective manpower utilization and accountability.
  • Assures drug preparation/dispensation areas are devoid of all outdated or otherwise unusable drugs by regular inspection(s) of nursing units, emergency trays and crash carts. 
  • Must be able to handle frequent interruptions and adapt to changes in workload and work schedules
  • Ability to set priorities, make critical decisions and respond quickly to emergent situations  
  • Maintains required licensure, continuing education requirements and operational competencies as required by regulatory authorities and company policies
  • Performs other miscellaneous related duties as requested by the Supervisor.


  • Recognized Pharma-D or Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy by Saudi Arabia or equivalent.
  • Fresh graduate Saudi National Graduates (One year experience is preferred)
  • Minimum of 2-year experience for expatriates (licensure requirements).
Certifications/Other requirements as applicable


  • Licensed or eligible to be licensed to practice pharmacy in Saudi Arabia.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Knowledge of Saudi Arab laws and regulations is preferred.