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Project Engineer - Planning & Scheduling

Job Code


Basic Function

Plans, designs, develops, coordinates, specifies and directs a large and important project or a number of small projects with many complex features.  Independently carries out complex or novel assignments resulting in the development of new or improved techniques and procedures.  Develops and evaluates plans and criteria for a variety of projects and activities.  Assesses the feasibility and soundness of proposed engineering evaluations when necessary data are insufficient.


The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Facility Management & Services Department in Dhahran and in Districts (Al Hasa, Udhadliyah, Ras Tanura, and Abqaiq)

Principal Contacts

Daily with supervisor, Project Management Unit.

Principal Duties

Roles include but are not limited to:

  1. Organize relevant project data and information on operating requirements, process, economic considerations, and other pertinent factors as basis for developing project proposals.
  2. Responsible for the monitoring, integration and implementation of all project and discipline work processes and measurements to drive project successfully.
  3. Adhere to defined project parameters such as safety, budget, material requirements, schedules and other specifications.
  4. Prepare and maintain accurate project schedules and monitor risks that may adversely affect project schedules, performance and costs.
  5. Formulate/review and present Project Execution Plans and other proposals, including details on the planning, scoping, budget and schedule estimates, and expenditure authorizations. 
  6. Provide appropriate and/or alternative solutions to issues raised, to secure the necessary approvals. Escalate issues impacting project schedule so they can be addressed early.
  7. Support effective integration of all project team members. 
  8. Plans, designs, develops, specifies, and coordinates integrated generation planning projects.  Makes recommendations for capital budget items, company policy, system generation planning criteria, and new or improved planning techniques, procedures and/or methodologies.
  9. Creates, develops, and/or delivers planning/engineering-type expert testimony, responses to information requests and other assignments supporting resource planning projects
  10. Researches, develops, coordinates, and evaluates political, regulatory and technical changes, innovations and progress related to integration of supply-side and demand-side resources.  

Bachelor Degree in Engineering.


Minimum of 5 years in project engineering experience 

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable
  • Experience working in project teams and experience in managing small projects 
  • Ability to speak and write reports in English is required 
  •  Leadership skills and can handle pressure.
  • Have excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Safety Conscious
  •   Experience with Microsoft Project and primavera is preferred.