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Basic Function

To practice the Dental Specialty of Prosthetic Dentistry (restoration of missing or malformed oral/dental structures to acceptable function and esthetics). To act as the Dental Division authority on matters concerning the diagnosis and treatment of prosthetic cases, especially those of a more complicated nature. Coordinate "quality assurance" with dental laboratory and dentists, field wide.


The Prosthodontist will work in the Dental Service of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare and will be involved in the prosthodontic requirements of all Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare employees, dependents and any other patients eligible for treatment within the Saudi Aramco guidelines.  Serves as the authority for quality control program of the Dental Laboratory Unit. Responsible for equipment and supplies related to the Prosthetic Specialty Area. The supervision of the technical aspects of this position is minimal. Other supervision pertains primarily to administrative functions of the dental service and the coordination of the prosthetic service with other unit functions.

Principal Contacts

INTERNAL: Patients requiring the service of prosthetic dentistry. Other dentist on a consultant basis, particularly the periodontal unit for treatment via stabilization of advance cases. Daily contact with the supervisor of the Dental Laboratory Unit. Frequent contact with the dental laboratory personnel, Unit Head of General Dentistry, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons, and the Unit Head of Specialty Dentistry.  Available for consultation as requested with all dentists field wide. Serves as consultant to "cleft palate team" on all phases of prosthetic restoration.

EXTERNAL: Other prosthodontists regarding referral and/or continuation of cases under treatment. Local non-Saudi Aramco dentists as consultant. Saudi Aramco Public and Government Relations for consultation per their request for non-Saudi Aramco employees.  Manufacturers and distributors of prosthetic and laboratory equipment and supplies.

Principal Duties

1. Obtaining a complete medical and dental history including the prescription of necessary intra and extra oral-roentgenograms, study models, and facial measurements.

2. The development of a plan of treatment including a discussion of the financial obligations involved.  The treatment modalities will primarily concern the following:

a) Fixed periodontal splinting via cast gold and fused porcelain restorations.

b) Removable periodontal splinting with appropriate stops, indirect retainers, and other specialized construction features.

c) Tempo-mandibular joint appliances for treatment of myofacial pain dysfunction syndrome.

d) Precision and semi-precision attachment partial dentures.

e) Extensive crown and bridge restorations, particularly in advanced cases requiring the re-establishment of centric occlusion, with or without increased vertical dimension.

f) All types of removable prosthesis, full and partial dentures, particularly those requiring obturation of cleft palates either congenital, post-surgical, or post radiation.

g) The restoration to function, comfort, and acceptable aesthetics of missing teeth and alveolar structure resulting from facial, trauma.

h) All types of removable and fixed prosthesis that are retained or supported by dental implants.

3. The proper follow-up with all patients receiving extensive prosthetic care as relates to their ability to maintain the completed appliances and restorations.


1. Serves as the final authority to the Chief of Dental Services and the supervisor of the Dental Laboratory on all aspects related to the quality control of the laboratory functions. Monitors the appliances constructed by the laboratory for quality and advises the supervisor on techniques and methods for quality assurance.

2. Serves as a liaison between dental clinicians utilizing laboratory appliances and the laboratory unit.

3. Assists the Laboratory Supervisor with recommendations as to the latest developments of new techniques and materials for the construction of quality prosthetic appliances and restorations.


  •  Minimum of 5 years of practice in the Specialty of Prosthetic Dentistry. 
  • Two years residency training is included as part of the five (5) years. 
  • Highly desirable is experience in management and/or quality assurance of dental laboratory functions.

Other requirements as applicable

  • An excellent command of written and oral English.
  • Must be able to adjust to group practice and provide staff guidance in an industrial setting which will include an understanding of corporate organization, personnel policies, procedures and administration.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to deal with a multi-national patient population.
  • Subscribes to, and is never in violation of, the standards of professional and company ethics.