Senior Dental Laboratory Technician

Senior Dental Laboratory Technician

Job Code


Basic Function

Provides technical direction and on the job guidance for Dental Laboratory Technicians.

Performs a specified range of dental laboratory technical work to meet the established quality standards of the JHAH Dental Services.


The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Dental Department in Dhahran, Al-Hasa, Ras Tanura and/or Abqaiq depending on need.

Responsible as a major production source of the general Dental Laboratory Group for producing a full range of impressions, articulations, casts, dies and investing activities as well as performing special work on difficult cases. Works in the preparatory area in the Dhahran Dental Clinic. When assigned to satellite areas, works in the Dental Lab of the District Clinics working as the main fabricating Technologist of all types of dental prostheses. Makes adjustments, glaze and stain ceramic crowns and polishes dentures while patient is with the clinician. Oversees ordering, inventory control, maintenance and use of the assigned equipment, hand tools and materials and is responsible for the record keeping of the assigned area. Area assignment also involves receiving and shipping of cases to Central Lab in Dhahran and liaison/coordination of all cases between the two areas.

Work hours are assigned to meet operational needs of the assigned area.

Direction is through the Advanced Dental Laboratory Technician.

Principal Contacts

Daily direct contacts in person or via telephone include all levels within the Laboratory Function, Dental Support Services such as those with the Dental Supply Group and with Specialty/General Dentistry staff, primarily to exchange information, coordinate efforts and resolve problems.

Ongoing with JHAH managers to meet the daily requirements and schedules of the Dental Services.

Occasional public and community contact through communicating policy changes, revisions and/or introduction of new work rules.

Occasionally through Dental Managers to meet specific inspections, certifications, safety and infection control needs.

Principal Duties

Chrome and orthodontic technologists

  1. Serves as a work director over the chrome and orthodontic technologists.
  2. Consults with dentists on all phases of chrome and orthodontic technology and assist chairside with details of treatment planning, design, and types of active and passive retaining devices and materials to be used on individual cases of finished restorations.
  3. Instructs general laboratory technologists in basic and advanced orthodontic appliance techniques carried out in all JHAH dental laboratories with chrome & orthodontic technicians in all phases of dental technology of these specialties. Assist in the upgrading programs and progress reporting.
  4. Works as a chrome & orthodontic technologist specialist, particularly on difficult and challenging cases.
  5. Requests, and oversees proper storage, handling and controls on all required equipment and supplies for this function. Receives and evaluates new material and equipment and makes recommendations to the Dental Laboratory Senior Advisor.
  6. Directs the calibration and maintenance for all associated equipment such as Casting machines, furnaces, spot welders, and hydro-flames to their work related areas.
  7. Compiles detailed monthly and annual reports for the chrome & orthodontic activities.
  8. Maintains liaison with ceramic, gold and prosthetic functions to ensure full compatibility of any appliances made in conjunction with other restorations.
  9. Assists with the interviews of potential dental laboratory employment candidates to include conducting interviews in source countries and the development of written and practical tests to evaluate technicians for positions in specialty areas.


2 year diploma or equivalent formal course of instruction in general Dental Laboratory Technology at a recognized accredited institution


Minimum of five (5) plus years’ experience working in general Dental Technology.  

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Must be able to qualify and maintain a Saudi Arab Ministry of Health Professional License.
  • English comprehension is required to use manufacturer's equipment and read work orders/specifications. This will include dental terminology.
  • Must have visual acuity, finger, hand and arm dexterity, to position parts and handle/manipulate hand tools, equipment and materials.
  • Demonstrated knowledge, skill and ability to instruct others in the use of the laboratory materials, precision instruments, etc.