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Senior Mental Health Counselor

Senior Mental Health Counselor

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Basic Function

  1. Provides individual, marital and family counseling services to a multi-cultural client population using a variety of therapeutic techniques.
  2. Provides psychological consultations and accepts referral from other medical/dental professionals, supervisors, personnel, schools and Industrial Security.
  3. Implements the Employee Assistance Program.
  4. Develops and conducts education/information programs/seminars. Involved in crisis intervention situations and preventive maintenance at the individual level, as well as management orientation supervisor training.


Works in Johns Hopkins Aramco Health Care but visits other Saudi Aramco facilities for consultation, training and the provision of psychological services when needed. Shares the patient workload with other clinicians within the service. Receives general supervision from the Unit head  but works independently in the provision of services. Seeks administrative approval where indicated. Participates in case presentations, in-service training, staff meetings, and quality improvement programs.

Principal Contacts

Internal: Other clinicians within the service, including the psychiatrists, Medical Oncologist, Behavioral Health Unit staff and the nursing staff, relatives of clients and other clinical staff that are involved in the case management. 

External: Referring family physicians, personnel advisors, school administrators/counselors, industrial security and supervisors and managers.

Principal Duties

  1. Complete a psychosocial history for each new patient, or if more than 1 year has elapsed since last contact with the patient.
  2. Conduct a psychiatric interview to establish and assess the nature and the extent of the patient’s presenting complaint (presenting complaint, causes, components and impact)
  3. Formulate initial plans and treatment recommendations for each patient referred, as well as discuss plan with patient.
  4. Schedule follow-up counseling sessions as needed, for individual, couples, marital, and/or families who request professional counseling.
  5. Document all patient interactions/sessions, including telephone and email, in the patient electronic medical record.
  6. Discuss cases with the primary consultant, as needed, and psychiatrist if involved in the case.
  7. Receive supervision from the Supervisor on a monthly basis, or as needed, for case management and administration.
  8. Participate in staff meetings, in-services and case presentations.
  9. Maintain confidentiality on all casework, counseling and management, whether treating or discussing cases.
  10. Keep current with new techniques, knowledge of psychological and psychiatric and other medical services and internal agencies in relation to implementing community mental health concepts.
  11. Implement the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) by consulting with management on troubled employees, stress in the workplace and educating about substance abuse and other related psychological issues.
  12. Give presentations to management on stress, culture shock, mental health and substance abuse.
  13. Help in orientation programs for medical operations and other in-service training activities for nursing, medical workers, students and trainees.
  14. Help organize voluntary peer groups to support patients and their families in pre- and post-crisis periods.
  15. Perform other miscellaneous related duties as required by the supervisor or the Unit Head, such as coverage of the Unit head or presentations in other areas.
  16. Respond to crisis situations and is on-call for major disasters .


  • Bachelor's degree in counseling psychology, clinical psychology  is required.
  • Master's degree in counseling psychology, clinical psychology is required.
  • Ph.D. degree in counseling psychology, clinical psychology is preferred.


  • Minimum 15 years of experience in counselling in hospital-based setting for Bachelor's degree holders
  • of which 5 years were sent in counseling; or
  • Minimum 7 years experience for Master's degree holders.
  • Special graduate work in related field/ area required.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Valid License to practice by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS)
  • Counseling and group therapy experience in an accredited hospital for at least two years.
  •  Experience in lecturing and conducting group seminars.
  •  Active membership in related accredited organizations.


1. Clinical Expertise
2. Documentation
3. Health Care Quality
4. Health Care Reliability
5. Health Care Safety
6. Person-Centered Care
7. Cybersecurity