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Senior Nurse Clinician - Cardiac Care

Senior Nurse Clinician - Cardiac Care

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Basic Function

Provides wide range of direct and complex nursing care to Cardiac Care patients requiring advanced nursing skills. Functions as a preceptor and role model for new hires and other identified staff. Provides clinical assistance to nurses, practical nurses, patient care assistants and nursing interns in the execution of their responsibilities and gives clinical resource support to the charge nurse. Acts as back up charge nurse when oriented.



Working within Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Nursing & Clinical Services Department in Dhahran, Al Hasa,Udhailiyah, Ras Tanura, and Abqaiq.

The Sr. Nurse Clinician provides complex professional nursing care to the patient using independent nursing judgment within defined programs, protocols, policies, procedures and standing orders. Receives supervision and direction from the Charge Nurse and unit manager. Work is performed on any shift, as required, in Cardiac Care Unit & Clinic of the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) facilities.

Functions using the Nursing Process with emphasis on direct patient care and related activities and referring to the Lippincott Manual and Mosby Competencies.


Work hours are assigned to meet operational needs. Hours may include on call and scheduled overtime.

Direction is through the unit manager.



Principal Contacts

Ongoing with patients and their families home caregivers for assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the nursing plan of care; with new hire and newly assigned nursing staff for orientation and integration into the nursing unit; routinely with clinicians for carrying out clinician orders, assisting with medical procedures, and reporting changes in the patient's condition and/or needs. ; Ongoing with Charge Nurse for collaborating and reporting.

Occasional public and community contact through communicating policy changes, revisions, and/or introduction of new work rules.

Occasional with other JHAH Personnel and outside services.


Principal Duties


  • Acts as resource to other staff members during the assessment of complex patient/family needs.
  • Assists other staff members in improving their knowledge and skills, giving input when needs are identified.
  • Assesses the need for suitable staff development program/s in the assigned clinical area to ensure effective patient care.


  • A. Serves as direct care clinical resource in developing, coordinating, and reviewing the patient’s plan of care.


  • Provides total, direct nursing care to patients requiring advanced, skilled or complex care.
  • Performs critical care skills for which she/he has demonstrated competency.
  • Provides and prioritizes nursing care that is focused on the assessment, diagnosis, planning, treatment and evaluation of cardiac critical care patients.
  • Provides continuous cardiac monitoring, arrhythmia recognition and intervention.
  • Reads, understands, and recognizes any abnormalities in the 12 leads EKG.
  • Initiates and titrates multiple, complex cardiac related infusions.
  • Manages intubated/mechanically ventilated patients.
  • Sets up, monitors and adjusts specialized equipment used on patient’s care including but not limited to cardiac pacing and IABP.
  • Analyzes, interprets and records electronic displays, such as central venous pressures, arterial blood pressure, cardiac rhythms, and ventilators pressures and waveforms.
  • Assists clinicians with procedures such as central line insertions, intravenous pacing, TEE, endotracheal intubation, cardioversion, and emergency defibrillation.
  • Responds to life-threating situations based upon ICU protocol and ACLS guidelines.
  • Monitors patients for changes in status and indications of conditions such as sepsis or shock and institute appropriate interventions.
  • Precepts new hires and nursing interns and mentors nursing staff with identified needs.
  • Assists clinicians with the more complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Performs procedures requiring advanced competency skills or training in the expanded nursing roles.

Principal Duties (cont'd)


  • Acts as resource to other staff members during the evaluation of complex patient care.
  • Evaluates the progress of new hires, nursing interns, and other identified staff and gives input to the charge nurse, supervisor, and/or nursing intern coordinator.


  • Participates in the planning, implementing and evaluating patient care conferences and unit in-services.
  • Evaluates patient care supplies/equipment and gives input to the charge nurse/supervisor.
  • Serves as direct clinical resource in the development, review, revision, and implementation of nursing policies, and procedures, standards of care, and applicable medical organization policies.
  • Represents unit or department on committees, special interest groups, and task forces.
  • Treats customers (guests, patients, nurses, physicians and other employees) with courtesy, respect and caring behaviors.
  • Always answers a patient’s call light/bell even if it is not an assigned patient and always takes the initiative to assist the patient.
  • Presents a positive image of JHAH through professional appearance and behavior.
  • Maintains confidentiality by choosing the appropriate persons, time and place for patient related discussions.
  • Immediately brings abnormal findings to the attention of the Charge Nurse.
  • Supports unit culture of quality and safety.
  • Assures patient comfort and dignity measures during transport, without exception.
  • Frequently checks for and reads all communication/minutes. Work hours are assigned to meet operational needs of the assigned area. Hours may include on call.
  • Direction is through the department head NCO.


3 years International Diploma or Bachelor Degree.


5 years minimum clinical nursing experience following licensure/registration in the country of origin, to include 2 years experience in Cardiac Care unit is required.  

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

• Current licensure as a professional registered nurse.
• Completion of Cardiac Care Course or additional years' experience in lieu of formal course, one of these years can be in JHAH.

• Fluent spoken and written English.  Spoken Arabic desirable.