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Senior Physical Therapy Specialist

Senior Physical Therapy Specialist

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Basic Function

Advanced practitioner who manages specialist caseload with complex needs through advanced critical thinking and clinical reasoning, provides a comprehensive assessment and drawing on a wide range of advanced therapeutic interventions. Practices within complex and increasingly unpredictable contexts, which demands innovative work.

Functions up to 50% as a clinical and/or professional and / or educational leader.  

Ensures safe practice through competency checking and designing programs to address gaps.

Trains all healthcare professionals as required. Provides analytical and judgment skills for complex situations i.e. clinical auditing, designs policy or service changes to impact work area, develop specialized programs of care or care packages. Regularly undertake survey and/or audits and research and development activities. Demonstrates effective collaboration and team behaviors. May participate in research activities.

Influences: client, colleagues, multi/interdisciplinary team in primary and secondary care. Service delivery through the design and implementation of evidence based practice guidelines. Staff through development of critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills, knowledge transfer and up skilling competency. Responsible for own actions, practice according to professional codes JHAH, JCI policies and procedures. Responsible/ accountable professionally and legally accountable for own actions. Practice according to professional codes, JHAH and JCI policies and procedures


Practices within John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Nursing & Clinical Services Department in Dhahran, Al Hasa, Udhailiyah, Ras Tanura and Abqaiq according to professional codes and assists with defining organizational policies and procedures. The Senior Advanced Physical Therapist/ Senior Rehabilitation Services Clinical Leader works with all staff to assist in developing competency and provides clinical governance through complex professional therapy services development within increasingly unpredictable contexts using developed critical thinking and reasoning skills, to develop and implement evidence based programs, protocols, policies and procedures. Provides work direction and/or clinical assistance and/or training to less experienced therapists in situations ranging from routine to complex and predictable to unpredictable. Addresses service challenges and clinical governance issues with superior. Receives supervision and direction from Senior Advanced Physical Therapist and manager. Work hours are assigned to meet operational needs. Hours may include on call and scheduled overtime.

Principal Contacts

INTERNAL: Daily with staff to provide clinical support mentoring, s and guidance with complex cases, working to develop critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. Assessing clinical competency and up skilling where needed. Regularly with multi-interdisciplinary team, Physicians / Surgeons, nurses and other medical staff members to evaluate physical therapy and rehabilitation programs.  Regularly with RSU Supervisor for service delivery and clinical governance issues regularly with all levels of Company employees and their dependents as patients.

EXTERNAL: Regularly with other company employees during outreach activities and hospital surveys or with outside medical professionals and those visiting JAHA. Professional networks at local and national level.

Principal Duties

Performs all duties of the Associate Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist, Senior Physical Therapist and aspects of Advanced Physical Therapist acts as resource for complex cases, works to advance the delivery of evidence based care in a safe environment. Supports management clinical governance with   promotes the concept of team work while providing work direction and/or clinical assistance and/or training in a supportive equal opportunity learning environment.


  • Acts as a resource/mentor to staff members during the evaluation of complex patient/family needs
  • Assists/mentors staff members in developing their clinical reasoning and critical thinking knowledge and skills, through targeted guidance when needs are identified
  • Assesses the need for targeted staff development program/s in area of clinical to ensure effective patient care (Team Leader /Rehabilitation Services Clinical Educator work collaboratively)
  • Assess how best to service patients’ needs through skilled triaging of referrals and providing prompt assessment and management when appropriate
  • Assesses and evaluates all clinical and operational needs


  • Serves as direct care clinical resource in developing, coordinating and reviewing the patient plan of care
  • Provides efficient monitoring of waitlist, staff competency and productivity


  • Provides total and direct physical therapy service to adult / pediatric patients requiring advanced, skilled and complex interventions with a variety of illnesses, impairments and disabilities. Acts as resource
  • Facilitates a learning environment thought selection of appropriate approaches to learning and teaching meeting the learners needs and promoting a change in practice.
  • Designs plans and delivers learning activities and opportunities to, a range of audiences with differing levels of knowledge and expertise
  • Assesses the effectiveness of service delivery by individuals and through protocols/pathways and works with Senior Advanced Physical Therapist , Physical therapist Specialist, Clinical Educator Critical to critical evaluate current research and apply to practice
  • Assist staff to critical evaluate current research and use the appraisal to address specific issues arising in professional practice
  • Assesses staff competency and collaboratively establishes plan for development. Acts as resource
  • Facilitates communication with patient, family, caregivers, and members of the multidisciplinary team to promote maximum benefit from care and rehabilitation.
  • Provides ongoing assessment, modifies and implements specialist physiotherapy treatments and programs as required. Acts as resource
  • Assists clinicians with the more complex patient assessments, therapeutic interventions and care plans
  • Preforms therapy requiring advanced competency skills or training in the expanded therapy role

Principal Duties (cont'd)


  • Acts as a resource to other staff members during the evaluation of complex patient care
  • Evaluates the progress of new hire, interns, and professional staff and gives input to the Educational coordinator or supervisor
  • Evaluates and manages resources to meet the need of the operations
  • Evaluates patient care supplies/equipment and provides input to supervisor
  • Performs/oversees audits, peer review and quality improvement activates as required
  • Evaluates current practice to ensure it is  safer and evidence based


  • Performs other roles/responsibilities to support the overall effectiveness of the department. These duties may include but not limited to:
  • Presents a positive image of JHAH through professional appearance and behavior
  • Treats all customers with courtesy, respect and caring behaviors
  • Responds to customer concerns in a timely manner i.e. answer bells, assist patients who are lost in the hospital and respond to nurses phone calls
  • Maintains confidentiality by choosing the appropriate person, time and place for patient related discussions 
  • Assures patient comfort and dignity at all times
  • Promotes unit culture of quality and safety through implementation of clinical audits and supporting research and development activities
  • Identifies needs and participates in planning and implementing outreach activities including health exhibitions, MDFD presentations, and lectures to other JHAH staff.
  • Represents RSU as subject matter expert on committees, special interest groups and task forces
  • Serves as direct clinical resource in the development, review, revision and implementation of policies, procedures, protocols and care standards patient instructions and educational handouts
  • Provides patient reports at the request of the Unit Supervisor.
  • Identifies, design as needed with on-going training of the unit assistants.
  • Undertakes the duties of senior staff as requested.
  • Supports unit through overseeing the coordination of  in-service / Hazmat/ Safety activities as indicated
  • Participates/conducts clinical audits and undertakes research and development activities
  • Keeps abreast of new techniques or equipment and recommends or implements them as applicable.
  • Meets professional competency requires for assigned role while continuing to grow and develop professional through self-directed learning, and the job exposure and experience and through mentorship and courses
  • Frequently checks for and reads all communication/minutes in a timely manner
  • Participates in lifelong learning in accordance with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Commission for Health Specialties


  • Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited institution with post graduate certification in specialty field from professionally acknowledged organization is preferred. Or
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited institution with post graduate certification in specialty field from professionally acknowledged organization. Professional registration with a current license to practice.


  • Minimum 10 years relevant experience; or
  • Minimum Experience with Master’s degree: 10 years’ post graduate experience with five years’ work experience in specialty field; or
  • Required Minimum Experience with Bachelor’s Degree 15 years’ post graduate experience with 7 years’ work experience in specialty field.
  • Sufficient experience to support/contribute to clinic governance though critical assessment of evidence, design and implementation of evidence based practice.
  • Ability manage performance of less experienced staff in complex tasks and specialty skills i.e. Competency check and plans for improvements, Conduct specialty service audits and support research activities.
  • Propose, implement specialist policies/amends policies for own area, which impacts on other areas

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  •  Current BLS Certification
  • Good command of oral and written English. Knowledge of Arabic is highly desirable
  • Computer proficiency required, Microsoft office applications preferred
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of evidence-based techniques in specialty
  • Ability to multi-task using critical thinking skills, advocates for patient & family centered care.
  • Effectively communicate, primarily in English and fluency in Arabic highly preferred.