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Senior Sterile Processing Technician

Senior Sterile Processing Technician

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Basic Function

Performs all routine functions of central sterile processing and distribution segments. Provides work direction to junior Sterile Processing Services (SPS) Aides.


Under the direction of the Advanced Technician, processes reusable item through decontamination, sorting, packaging sterilizing and storing procedures. Prepares case carts. Receives guidance and direction from the Advanced Technician. May be assigned to other duties as required in specialty area. Is a shift worker as required. May be required to work in any JHAH SPS areas.


Principal Contacts

Routine daily contact with SPS staff, hospital and auxiliary medical personnel. Occasional contact with clinicians and patients. Daily contact with manager.

Principal Duties


  • Works under direction of a registered nurse or Advanced Technician
  • Maintains current knowledge base and seeks new learning experience.
  • Performs role in a professional manner.
  • Plans and directs the processing, preparation, storing, dispensing, checking and ordering of supplies and equipment.
  • Participates and assists the segment staff in carrying out the function of the segment (assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation).
  • Makes verbal/written reports to the segment head regarding the condition and functioning of the equipment in the assigned area, e.g., in processing: sterilizers, aerators, washers/sterilizers, computer terminals and printers.
  • Assists the segment head in the performance evaluation of staff working within the segment.
  • Participates in the unit orientation of new staff and acts as mentor when appropriate or assigned.
  • Keeps aware of safety hazards in the segment and takes necessary corrective action to prevent accidents.
  • Use appropriate computerized ordering system.
  • Attends safety and in service education programs.
  • Applies quality assurance programs as appropriate.
  • Maintains accurate and complete records of; patient interventions procedures, data sheets, specimen/laboratory slips, equipment sent for repair, and other required documentation, such as; check lists and log books.
  • Maintains confidentiality of patient record and activities.
  • Learns and keeps current with the name of equipment and supplies and is familiar with location of same.
  • Conducts routine inspection of all equipment used in SPS area.
  • Maintains awareness of safety hazards and takes necessary action to prevent accidents.
  • Treats customers (guests, patients, physicians and other employees) with courtesy, respect and caring behaviors.
  • Presents a positive image of JHAH through professional appearance and behavior.
  • Takes appropriate action upon noticing a problem; does not wait for someone else to do it.
  • Frequently checks for and reads all communication/minutes.
  • Maintains a cooperative relationship with nursing personnel and other health care disciplines.
  • Participates in staff development programs to enhance personal growth and development.
  • Maintains acceptable work standards.
  • Performs other miscellaneous related duties as requested.


  • 12 years including high school and one year Life/Health Science training course in a hospital care setting; or
  • 10 years including high school plus completion of a 2 years Midwifery course; or 
  • Completed BSN training but is not a licensed nurse in their home country.   


Minimum 5 years’ clinical experience required in field of patient care following training course. 

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

Must be able to communicate and comprehend English.


6. Person-Centered Care
2. Documentation
5. Health Care Safety
1. Clinical Expertise
4. Health Care Reliability
8. Accreditation
7. Cybersecurity
3. Health Care Quality