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Sr Clinical Lab Technologist (Histopathology)

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Basic Function

Performs a wide variety of laboratory chemical, microscopic and/or bacteriologic tests to obtain data for use in diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


  • Working in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Clinical Laboratory Services Section/Medical & Technical Support Services department in Dhahran, Al Hasa, Ras Tanura, Abqaiq and Udhailiyah (HA, RT, ABQ and UDH) under direction and supervision of Clinical Laboratory Technologist Specialist. 
  • Technologists deal with infectious samples, examining microorganisms for medical purposes while exercising the best safety measures to minimize the risk of any hazardous accidents.
  • Dhahran Medical Technologist may rotate through the various areas within the laboratory in order to be familiar with the different lab procedures/tests performed throughout the lab especially when working shifts. 
  • District Medical Technologist performs a variety of clinical tests in a combination of areas of specialization.

Principal Contacts

Has daily direct contact with triage/collection lab for specimen collection, and with pathologies, physicians, nurses or other healthcare workers such as infection control and epidemiology in order to collaborate results and attend to questions/concerns about specimens, communicable/reportable diseases and laboratory reports. Report to Technical Supervisor.

Principal Duties

  • All techs should be familiar with Laboratory interface system (LIS), daily Quality Control (QC), Calibration and Preventive Maintenance (PM) activities along with basic troubleshooting of instruments.
  • Assist the Medical Lab Specialist in the day-day operation.
  • Check patient’s samples to determine whether specimen collection process including patient identification were performed appropriately.
  • Trained to handle full shift, night skipper and stagger duties and are flexible to overtime according to operational needs.
  • Perform internal and external (CAP) survey when assigned by the lab manager or leader.
  • Performs all functions that are required for the laboratory to maintain and meet the standards specified by accrediting agencies such as College of American Pathologists (CAP), Joint Commission International (JCI) , American Association for Blood Bank (AABB), Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions(CBAHI)
  • Oversees orientation and training for assigned employees in coordination with medical laboratory training coordinator.
  • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of section instrumentation as assigned.
  • Performs monitoring, recording waste and inventory of supply items.
  • Performs and effectively evaluates & documents the quality control for each procedure performed.
  • Demonstrates general knowledge and understanding of QC by effectively using the appropriate QC guidelines and follow up.
  • Responsible for performing and Perform daily QC and PM activities along with basic troubleshooting of instruments.
  • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of instrumentation as assigned.
  • Maintaining and operating standard laboratory equipment, for example Centrifuges and pipettes.
  • Maintains clean and sanitary work area in accordance with standard laboratory practice and procedures.


  • Prepare over different types of solutions and reagents for a wide variety of tissue experimentation which maybe requested by the pathologist to aid him in making the correct diagnosis of patients disease.
  • Prepares special stains/different type of stain for leprosy, fungi, iron, elastic tissue, muscles and fibrous tissue.
  • Prepares bone marrow selection and decalcifies bones for sectioning,
  • Uses technician equipment’s tissue procedures keeping solutions at the proper concentration, rotary microtome cutting tissue at 5 inches in thickness, and special frozen section microtome.

Principal Duties (cont'd)

Histology (cont'd):

  • Uses dangerous substances such as, formalin, alcohol, acetone, ether, xylene, and molten paraffin.
  • Prepares a bi-weekly order for supplies and keeps supervisor-pathology laboratory informed of the need for special supplies and the amount on hand. Maintains a log book recording of all specimens and submits a report listing the number and types of examinations performed during the month. Keeps the apparatus, instruments and work area clean.
  • Prepares frozen section using a specialized freezing microtome which requires special skills and dexterities.
  • Files smears and paraffin blocks according to pathology numbers for future reference.
  • Maintains a variety of positive controls and uses of these controls when necessary demonstrate quality assurance.
  • Assist Pathologist in the gross examination for the tissue.
  • Will assist on routine in-suite fine needle aspiration (FNA) providing on-sight training and evaluation of FNA specimen’s adequacy for ENT, angiography, CT and endocrinology, and ultrasound. Will provide direct support/staffing of anatomic pathology FNA clinic. And work with molecular lab staff to organize Digene tests.
  • Performs other miscellaneous related duties as requested by the pathologist or supervisor.
  • Handling automated machines for immunohistochemistry and dealing with antibody.
  • Ensure that the performance of equipment’s is verified/validated upon installation and before its use.     
  • Performs the more difficult or rarely ordered procedures requiring familiarity with more advanced instruments and procedures to ensure reliable results.
  • Checks, receives and accessions any histologic specimen delivered to the histology lab using the co-path, Plus Functions:  Must have full knowledge and proficiency on the day to day CoPathPlus functionalities employed in the section such as Order Processing, Result Entry, Histology Entry, Label Printing, and train new hire on the Copath plus functionalities and SAP system.
  • Covers regular duties in according to operational need.

Principal Duties (cont'd)

Point of Care Testing (POCT):

  • POC Training & Certification: Able to solely carry out complete POC training for nurses/caregivers. Must be able to answer all their queries & direct them on a daily basis as required. Performs site quality management activities for testing, policies, accreditation and licensure. Manages training & certification of nursing staff and administering competency assessments in all areas of POCT.
  • POC Procedure Study & Implementation: study all aspects of implementing POC procedures which enhance patient encounter & improve health outcomes. This includes but is not limited to validation studies, comparative studies, expansions, etc. Able to exercise independent judgment, analytic priority-setting, & troubleshooting skills.
  • Point of Care & Quality Assurance Coordinator: Accountable for laboratory quality and process improvement efforts, through timely review and analysis of quality assurance data, preparing summaries and reports, and coordinating required follow-up and process improvement activities in all laboratory sections. Accountable for accuracy and reliability of all laboratory testing performed outside laboratory by non-laboratory staff.  Interacts with Laboratory Services Manager, Medical Director, Quality Improvement & Risk Management Director, and other managers and physicians, as necessary, to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, according to established protocol for hospital performing high complexity point of care testing (POCT) procedures, as defined by standards of Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).  Drafts all necessary policies, procedures, and POCT training and competency documents utilized by POCT personnel, and maintains records of competency testing, according to regulatory guidelines. Prepares regular summaries for senior laboratory leadership team.  Responsible for performing special projects, as assigned. 

Other if applicable:

  • LIS Functions:  Must have full knowledge and proficiency on the day to day LIS functionalities employed in the section such as MEM, OEM, OER, PL, MIQ, IQ, REI, Transfusion and Donor Processing, etc.  Train the new-hires on the LIS functionalities used in the section as deem necessary.
  • Comply with the applicable JHAH Safety rules and policies, standard precautions and maintain safe work practices at all times.
  • Report injuries, spills, unsafe conditions, near misses and incidents immediately.
  • Maintain knowledge of Safety requirements including Emergency Response actions, Fire Training, mandatory Safety courses, BLS certification and participate in all required Safety drills


A bachelor's degree in medical technology or science program accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) is required


Minimum of 5 years’ technical experience in Clinical laboratory

Certification/Other requirements as applicable

  • Saudi Commission for health specialties Licensure requirement must be met.
  • All medical technologists must be certified through the Board of Certification (BOC)
  • Good communication in oral and written English.
  • Must possess a keen sense of responsibility with regards to the business operation of section as dealing with manpower and materials budget.
  • Must be familiar with proficiency testing, quality control, key performance indicators and accreditation standards and requirements.
  • Thorough knowledge of company policies and procedures, statistics and JHAH emergency disaster plans and response.
  • Acceptable level of analytical ability in order to complete tasks assigned, gather and interpret data from different courses, and resolve problems.
  • Good computer skill
  • Must be qualified for the required Medical License.
  • Willing to work shift pattern as required (day, evening, night).
  • Willing to work overtime if required.
  •  Flexible, and willing to work in any Clinical laboratory District –wide(HA, RT, ABQ and UDH)