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Staff Physician, Anesthesia (ICU)

Job Code


Basic Function

1. Provides 24 hour coverage in-house for the in-patient service of the specialty Anesthesia.

2. Provides out-patient services when assigned to the clinic on rotational basis as per a schedule developed by the Clinical Services.


He/She performs his/her duties under the professional supervision of the staff specialists, sub-specialists and Chiefs of Service. His/her responsibilities involve mainly the evaluation of patients in the Emergency Room, admission of patients to the wards, CCU, ICU as indicated, and to provide coverage to the in-patient medical care on a 24-hour basis. His/her responsibilities also include the follow-up in the clinic of patients discharged from the hospital.

Principal Contacts

He/she is in daily contact with patients, their families, nurses, other Staff Physicians, Professional Development Physicians and medical staff. He/she is also in close contact with Emergency Medical Service physicians, Clinical Medical Services Department physicians and Surgical Services Department physicians.


Principal Duties

To perform the duties as per the Privileges recommended by the Chief of a certain service and approved by the Credentials & Privileges Committee.
(a) To evaluate patients in the Emergency Room at the request of Emergency Medical Service physicians.
(b) Assists in admission procedures of patients to the in-patient service, whether it is ICU or a general ward.
(c) To perform initial work-up and evaluation of patients admitted to the ward.
(d) To follow-up patients during the hospital stay and plan the management of these patients under the supervision of the attending specialist.
(e) To make daily rounds on the in-patient service and make management decisions under the supervision of the attending specialist and in consultation with the various sub-specialty services.
(f) Makes discharge plans and discharges patients home or to another facility in consultation with attending specialists.
(g) Dictates Discharge Summaries.
(h) Provides on-call coverage for the in-patient service on a rotational basis about once every 4 days. When on-call, the Staff Physician must stay in the hospital to respond to requests of the nurses to evaluate patients.
(i) To obtain the assistance of other specialists or various sub- specialists when in need, especially when the patient is facing a life- threatening situation.
(j) Performs procedures as indicated and outlined in his request for privileges and approved by the Credentials Committee.
(k) To provide escort services to patients transferred to other hospitals.
(l) Provides supervision and education to the Professional Development Physicians and Interns.

Principal Duties (cont'd)

(m) Demonstrate consistant abiliy to work in a collegial and cooperative manner with others in the provision of care, treatment and service, including participation in inter-professional collaborative practice and education.

(n)Attends and participates in the monthly staff meeting of the service they work in.
(o) Participates and contributes to all the educational activities of the service, i.e., Journal Club, Staff Physician Teaching Conferences.
(p) Participates and contributes to all the quality improvement activities of the service, i.e., daily morning Chief of Service report, monthly Mortality and Morbidity Conferences and Peer Review.
(q) Provides services to the out-patient clinic and follow-up of certain patients discharged from the hospital.


  • Graduation from a recognized medical school MD
  • One year of internship in a recognized training program.


  • 3 years of Residency training in specialty in a recognized
  • training program. OR
  • Two years of Residency training in a specialty in a recognized training program, plus three years of experience in a recognized hospital in the field of his/her specialty.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Must hold a valid license to practice medicine.
  • Excellent command of verbal and written English.
  • Ability to adjust to group practice in an industrial environment.