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Staff Physician, OB/GYN

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Basic Function

  1. Provide 24 hours in-house coverage for OB/GYN during the weekdays, weekend and holidays as primary on-call under the supervision of OB/GYN consultant in-house.
  2. Provide out-patient services when assigned to clinic as per unit schedule.
  3. Deals with OB/GYN emergencies and assist in the Operating Room.


The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Specialty Obstetrics & Gynecology department in Dhahran, Al Hasa, Ras Tanura, or Abqaiq.

Performs duties in conjunction with OB/GYN consultant and work as primary on-call during the weekdays, weekend and holidays. Their responsibility include: evaluation of the patient in the Emergency Room, Labor, antenatal assessment unit, discharge or admitting patient to the General Ward or labor unit, follow up patient in the clinic, assisting in the Operating Room and deals with OB/GYN emergencies.

Principal Contacts

OB/GYN Staff physician is in daily contact with patients, their families, nurses, technicians, other Physicians, Professional Development Physicians, and medical staff.  OB/GYN Staff Physician is also in close contact with Surgical and Diagnostic Services Department Physicians; Emergency Medical Services Physicians and Clinical Medical Services Department Physicians.


Principal Duties

  • Perform duties in conjunction with OB/GYN consultant and work as primary on-call during the weekdays, weekends and holidays while on duty.
  • Evaluate the patient in the Emergency Room and Antenatal Assessment Unit.
  • Admit patients to general ward, Labor and Delivery Unit, ICU and Operating Room.
  • Respond to OB/GYN emergencies.
  • In the Emergency Room the OB/GYN Staff Physician will receive all emergency referrals, assess patient, and discuss the cases for admission with the OB/GYN consultant on-call or plans management and follow-up as out-patient.
  • In Labor and Delivery the Staff Physician will receive all calls from Antenatal Assessment Unit, assess patient, and discuss the cases for admission with the OB/GYN consultant on-call or plans management and follow-up as out-patient.
  • Perform the initial work-up and evaluation of the patient admitted to the General Ward or Labor and Delivery Unit and arrange for operation, if needed.
  • Follow the patient and monitor their progress in labor and manage these patients under supervision of OB/GYN consultant.
  • Make daily rounds on in-patient and review their management plan under the supervision of their OB/GYN consultant.
  • Make discharge plan and discharge patient home or to another facility in consultation with OB/GYN consultant.
  • Make daily postpartum rounds and discharges.
  • Provide necessary postpartum and postoperative care for patients after elective and emergency procedures. These rounds may be done with the consultant or discussed later with the consultant.
  • Daily charting of the patient’s condition and physical examination should be recorded in the progress notes and includes the plans for further management.
  • Dictate medical document such as History and Physical, Admission, Consultation, Operating Report, Discharge Summary, Transfer summary, Medical Summary and Death Summary.
  • Consult other specialist or various subspecialist when is needed.
  • Perform procedures as indicated and outlined as his/her request for Privileges and approved by Unit Head of OB/GYN and Credentials Committee. Provide services to outpatient clinic and follow-up patient discharged from hospital.
  • Provide escort services to patient transferred to other hospital.
  • Contribute to the supervision and education of the professional development physicians and interns when assigned.
  • Attend, participate and contribute to all educational activities of the services.
  • Will attend the morning communication meeting at 7:15am to present a summary of emergency admissions, summary of patients in 2J, Surgical ICU or ward if there is a problem.

Principal Duties (cont'd)

  • During working hours each OB/GYN Staff Physician is responsible for the management of their in-patients. Any patient that they assisted with in the Operating Room must be followed daily unless there is an alternate schedule developed by the Unit in plan where a handover of the case will be carried out to another OB/GYN Staff Physician.
  • Upon completing a day shift communication with the on-call OB/GYN Staff Physician, advising of seriously ill patients and those of concern, before he/she leaves the hospital is necessary.
  • The OB/GYN Staff Physician is expected to prepare and present interesting cases for various conferences and meetings held within the hospital as well as are involved in reviews and Journal Club meetings. The OB/GYN Staff Physician admits, examines and assists in preparing cases scheduled for surgery.
  • When assigned to out-patient clinic, request necessary investigations, refer to other specialties, perform necessary procedures and discharge patients from the clinic when appropriate.
  • To participate and contribute to all the Quality Improvement activities of the service, i.e., Daily Morning Report, Mortality and Morbidity Conferences and Peer Review.
  • In the Operating Room the OB/GYN Staff Physician will assist in all cases and discuss surgical procedures, performing some of the procedures under supervision by the surgeon and as privileged through the Credential and Privileges Committee.


  • Graduation from a recognized medical school.
  • One year of internship in a recognized training program.
  • Complete OB/GYN residency training program in a recognized training program.


Minimum clinical experience of two years.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Must hold a valid license to practice medicine.
  • Excellent commenced of spoken and writing English.
  • Ability to adjust to group practice in an industrial environment.

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