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Epidemiology Specialist

Epidemiology Specialist

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Basic Function

Performs the full range of work in the field of Epidemiology for the Company to prevent the propagation of diseases in JHAH/Saudi Aramco's population.


Incumbents will apply epidemiologic measures for the control of preventable diseases among Aramco's EMRs (350,000) in Saudi Arabia, or infection control for hospitalized cases and staff in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Hospitals (480+ beds) and other designated medical facilities. Serves as a corporate consultant to various organizations in applicable field of epidemiology. Has no financial responsibility, but work performed for disease control may result in substantial gains from increased productivity of the workforce. The incumbent receives only minimal administrative supervision but requires no technical guidance. Reports to the Unit Supervisor, keeping him informed of problems encountered and actions taken or to outline work strategies.

Principal Contacts

Frequent contacts with patients, specialist physicians, and other JHAH organizations to determine necessity and extent of epidemiologic interventions. Periodic contacts with Assistant Director General of Health Affairs (Preventive Medicine) to coordinate disease/infection control efforts or with the Director of Quarantine Directorate to facilitate international travel for JHAH/Saudi Aramco personnel during epidemics.

Principal Duties

  • Devises and executes strategies to control preventable disease in JHAH/Saudi Aramco's population, or in the Company's hospital/patient care facilities. Follows up the medical handling of certain cases of epidemiologic importance to assure proper case and contact management.
  • Monitors disease occurrence in JHAH/Saudi Aramco by reviewing staff reports of positive laboratory cultures, surveying electronic Disease Report cards initiated by physicians, or initiating supplemental surveillance procedures. Investigates reports of serious or obscure problem areas and takes necessary control action.
  • Watches global epidemic trends by reviewing WHO Weekly Epidemiologic Reports. Makes necessary preparations and recommendations to prevent their spread to our region. Coordinates such efforts with Government's Assistant Director General of Health Affairs (Preventive Medicine).
  • Reviews Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Weekly Summary of Countries with Areas Infected with Quarantinable Diseases. Informs the Company about changing health requirements for international travel and instructs clinics about necessary immunizations. Coordinates efforts with Government's Director of Quarantine Directorate to ease travel restrictions for JHAH/Saudi Aramco employees during epidemics.
  • Editorializes the monthly Epidemiology Report.
  • Assists clinical staff in the epidemiologic analysis of their reports.
  • Offers consultation in medical prophylaxis and other preventive medical measures.
  • Participates in continuing medical education for the staff.
  • Designs, conducts, and reports on special studies requested by the Unit Supervisor.
  • Performs other miscellaneous related duties as requested by the Unit Supervisor.


  • Bachelor's degree in nursing or health related sciences from an accredited university, and
  • Master's degree  in Public Health (MPH) majoring in Epidemiology is required..


At least 7 years of experience in Epidemiology, of which 3 years were spent in field epidemiologic investigations, and/or infection control activities.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Fluency in English language and medical terminology.
  • Fluency in Arabic preferred but not required.