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Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality Assurance Specialist

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Basic Function

Directs and manages all activities of contracted Saudi Aramco Remote Area Industrial Urgent Care Facilities (RAC) located throughout the kingdom to ensure adequate provision of onsite high quality urgent pre-hospital care to support Saudi Aramco core operations. This includes monitoring and administration of RAC contract, supervising all RAC facility operations, and by providing consultation and direction to Contractor staff (i.e., administrators, doctors, nursing supervisors, nursing educators, pharmacists, radiology and laboratory technicians, staff nurses, and other ancillary staff).

Develops RAC facilities scope of work, goals and objectives, patient care standards, nursing practice standards, policies and procedures at the direction of the RAC Admin Division Head.

Monitors, audits and implements Minimum Medical Standards Requirements (MMSR) on contractors clinics at Saudi Aramco projects kingdom wide.


  • Responsible for the coordination of quality assurance and quality improvement activities within assigned RAC facilities. This includes forecasting operational and patient care needs, developing strategies, and evaluation of patient care systems, monitoring and evaluation of quality improvement activities, interpreting and implementation of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Company (JHAH) policies, RAC Division policies, and Contract conditions.
  • Broad areas of responsibility are related to the administrative and clinical aspects of planning, organizing, directing, controlling, coordinating and evaluating urgent pre-hospital care at Saudi Aramco industrial sites to ensure provision of quality health care within established standards.
  • The incumbent problem solves and deals with many complex issues of pre-hospital care in remote industrial sites and makes decisions based on clinical, managerial and organizational requirements.
  • The incumbent works independently with administrative supervision from RAC Admin Division Head, Quality Assurance Consultant and Senior Quality Assurance Specialist which is usually confined to consultation on broad objectives, policies and complex intradepartmental collaborative issues.
  • Work is performed routinely within normal working hours, may be required to work outside regular hours as need arises (i.e., travel to remote sites).The incumbent will work as a Quality Assurance Specialist.
  • Work hours are normally 0700 until 1600 with a one hour lunch break however, the hours may be changed to meet operational needs of the assigned area.
  • The work is in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare EMS Department, RAC Admin Division in Dhahran Health Center.
  • Direction is through the RAC Admin Division Head.

Principal Contacts


  • Routine contact with Quality Assurance Consultant and Senior Quality Assurance Specialist and RAC Admin Division Head for consultation and with RAC Admin Division members for exchange of information, coordination of issues and problem solving.
  • Daily contact with Contractor medical and nursing staff for communication, planning, problem solving and supervision.
  • Frequent contact with interdepartmental communication with JHAH staff (i.e., Clinical Engineers, Epidemiology, Preventative Medicine, Occupational Health, Laboratory and Radiology departments) for coordination of support services, planning and resolving issues of mutual interest.


  • Daily external contacts include ongoing contact with other Saudi Aramco Organizations (i.e. Gas and Oil Operations Managers, foreman & supervisors, Security, Aviation, IT, Fire Services, Loss Prevention, Government Affairs, MOH and other outside healthcare agencies) on patient or staff medical related matters.
  • Ongoing with JHAH managers such as the RAC Admin Division Head and EMS Department Chief


  • Through official chain of command, with other health care specialists in the quality assurance field within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to exchange information and keep current with trends, procedures and techniques.

Principal Duties

  1. Performs all managerial functions related to RAC facilities operations and provides leadership that incorporates the Company, JHAH, Emergency Medicine Services and RAC Admin Division vision, objectives, and standards in order to facilitate the delivery of high quality urgent pre-hospital patient care.
  2. Oversees & evaluates the performance and standards of services provided by contracted employees (i.e. conducts regular RAC facility inspections, contract compliance reviews, and satisfaction surveys).
  3. Provides leadership, supervision, functional guidance and developmental activities for contracted RAC facility supervisors.
  4. Supports and monitors patient safety, quality improvement, and risk management programs in RAC facilities and evaluates outcomes of patient care.
  5. Performs or reviews appraisals on nursing supervisors and all other Contractor clinic staff.
  6. Maintains good working relationships with other JHAH and Saudi Aramco divisions and services.
  7. Fosters a positive relationship and successful working association between Saudi Aramco and the Contractor
  8. Ensures all contractual obligations and requirements are met by Contractor, some of the responsibilities are shared by Saudi Aramco & JHAH. RAC QA will conduct monthly visits to RACs regional clinics to ensure compliance of contractors’ HCP through auditing, inspection, and training along with follow up meetings on previous or recent medical operation’ issues and quality improvement initiatives.  
  9. Ensures each RAC facility develops & maintains disaster preparedness plans and procedures.
  10. Participates in development, revision and evaluation of policies.
  11. Prepares and submits monthly accountability and other reports as requested.
  12. Represents RAC Division on committees, ad hoc meetings and other projects.
  13. Assumes responsibility for self-development and professional updates.
  14. Ensures provision of manpower satisfies contractual obligations and efficient RAC facility operations.
  15. Allocate human and financial resources to meet patient care needs in collaboration with RAC Admin Division Head
  16. Participates in planning future needs of RAC facilities.


Bachelor Degree in health related field including Nursing degree or equivalent with Current Registration as a Registered Nurse




Minimum of ten (10) years of clinical nursing to include three (3) years of Emergency Room or Intensive Care Unit experience, with three (3) years in a charge nurse, head nurse, supervisory, teaching or management position.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) or equivalent certification from other Health Institute.
  • Other certifications and courses like ACLS, PHTLS, ADLS, BDLS, DECON, ATCN and TNCC are also preferable.
  • Must possess mature sound judgment, be able to function independently, and have developed strong decision-making, facilitator, and leadership skills.
  • The job requires a dynamic, self-motivated, mature person who can ‘think on his feet’ and make sound, sensible judgments and quick appropriate decisions, often without immediate supervision.
  • Must be able to establish effective working relationships in a multidisciplinary and multicultural setting both in Saudi Aramco and in the private health care sectors.
  • Must be able to drive and obtain a Saudi driver license. Also, willing to travel by land, air and offshore. (Travel expenses are fully covered by the JHAH).
  • Fluent spoken and written English. Spoken Arabic is desirable.
  • Clinical knowledge of assigned area must be current. Nursing experience in the field or industrial clinics, remote area medical care and/or pre hospital care as a nurse practitioner, is highly desirable.
  • Clinical excellence, flexibility, adaptability, improvisation, with an affinity for attention to detail, are considered valuable assets.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Willingness to continually embrace personal and professional development.