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Basic Function

To interpret and perform diagnostic and therapeutic imaging procedures within the Scope of Radiology Services Division


Radiology services are provided in Dhahran Health Center, Ras Tanura, Abqaiq, Al-Hasa, Udhailiyah, and Tanajib. On site, radiologist coverage is provided in Al-Hasa, and Dhahran. The total examinations performed annually approximate 155,000. The service includes: plain films, fluoroscopy, GI studies, angiography, invasive procedures, CT, ultrasound, MRI, breast imaging and nuclear medicine. Administrative support is provided by the Chief Radiologist and a Senior Administrative Assistant. Professional supervision and monitoring is performed through a structured Quality Improvement Program, encompassing peer review and conferences.

Principal Contacts

Principal contacts are within JHAH including: referring physicians, radiology staff, other hospital staff and direct patient contact during the performance of imaging examinations. Daily contacts are made as consultations to ensure a high standard of medical care and to fulfill the Mission of JHAH.

Principal Duties

  1. Serves as a diagnostic radiological consultant to JHAH physicians. Completes all medical documentation and reports in a timely and professional manner. This includes providing accurate interpretation of diagnostic imaging studies.
  2. Interprets and performs all types of general radiological examinations of inpatients, emergency and outpatients, including studies requiring fluoroscopy, special procedures, angiography, ultrasound, radioisotopes, CT, and MRI scanning.
  3. Provides diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in accordance with the highest standards of care and within the delineation of privileges recommended by the chief of the division, and approved by the JHAH Credentialing and privileging committee within the limits of his/her training, experience.
  4. Participate as Radiologists on call after office hours and at weekends.
  5. As requested may need to travel to Abqaiq, Ras Tanura, Al-Hasa and Udhailiyah for discussion of problem cases, clinical rounds or lectures. Will liaise and provide support for the clinics outside of Dhahran when requested.
  6. Develops collegial relationships and works collaboratively with other physicians, nurses, allied health providers and administrators across departments and districts at JHAH.
  7. Actively participates in the monthly Division and hospital staff clinical education, conferences, rounds and research meetings.
  8. Participates in interdisciplinary, interdepartmental and Quality Improvement Program of the Service to meet JCAHO and ACR standards within JHAH.
  9. Works with other physicians on special projects and research programs as suggested or approved by the Chief Radiologist.
  10. Promptly responds to all JHAH queries regarding medical documentation, coding, patient concerns or risk management.
  11. Responsible to work with the technologists and when appropriate to instruct the technologists for better imaging techniques.
  12. Participates in the teaching of technologists and medical education of physicians and those in training.
  13. Performs other miscellaneous related duties as requested by the Chief Radiologist.
  14. Coordinate with others for improvement of Radiologic Services.


  • Must have at least 3 years of practicing expertise in Radiology post board and proof of expertise in the discipline of Radiology
  • Successful completions of residency program training of 4 years in a recognized  training program
  • One year of internship in recognized training program.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Good command of oral and written English.
  • Must have the ability to adjust to group practice in an industrial environment involving an understanding of corporate organization, personnel administration.
  • Must be able to work with a positive attitude with colleagues of varying training background.
  • Capable of seeking solutions.
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of medical ethics.