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Staff Physician, EMS

Staff Physician, EMS

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Basic Function

Serve as a Physician staffing the JHAH Emergency Department or units either in Dhahran, Abqaiq, Al-Hasa, Ras Tanura, or Udhailiyah.


Examines any patient who presents with an emergency medical condition such that immediate medical intervention is required. Incumbent is expected to staff any one of the emergency rooms in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Emergency Department on various work schedules.  Work hours are assigned to meet operational needs of the assigned area. The incumbent will encounter cases which range from simple urgent cases to more complex emergencies. This includes everything from cardiac arrest cases to suspected fracture cases to eye injuries to acute abdominal pain. Most cases will be managed by the staff physician himself and will be discharged home. A few will be sick enough to require further and/or admission consultation by a Specialist.

Principal Contacts

  • Daily with Unit Head.
  • Ongoing with Department/Division Chief.
  • Ongoing with JHAH C-Suite Managers.

Principal Duties

Be prepared to manage any emergency patients who present to the Emergency Department. This includes such skills as:

  • Proficiency with intubations.
  • Use of defibrillator.
  • Use of external pacemaker.
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of an acute myocardial infarction and administer appropriate thrombolytic drug.
  • Recognize and manage cardiac dysrhythmias.
  • Lead Code Blue team - anywhere in the Hospital or Clinic.
  • Control acute hemorrhage.
  • Provide spinal column/cord protection.
  • Assess for fractures and provide initial treatment.
  • Provide care for lacerations/burns etc.
  • Assess and manage seizure disorders.
  • Assess and manage respiratory emergencies such as asthma or COPD.
  • Assess and manage precipitous deliveries.
  • Employ the use of focused ultrasound exams relevant to emergency cases.
  • Provide on-line MD support to various remote nurse staffed clinics.

Principal Duties (cont'd)

  • Receive from the Primary Care or Specialty Clinic Physicians, any case requiring emergency care.
  • Respond to Emergency and disaster site and provide initial triage/staging/transport care and co-ordination. This includes participation with disaster exercise and preparation training.
  • Do critical patient Medevacs.


MD Degree and Saudi Medical License.


Five years of experience, working as Emergency physician seeing the full spectrum of emergency Department patients.


Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Credentials approved by the Unit Head as well as Chief of the Division indicating that they are capable of providing the necessary emergency care
  • Maintain (or acquire) current:
  • BLS certification – every 2 years
  • ACLS certification - every 2 years
  • ATLS certification - every 4 years
  • APLS or PALS every 2 years
  • NRP certification every 2 years
  • This includes being a student or helping as course faculty


6. Person-Centered Care
2. Documentation
5. Health Care Safety
1. Clinical Expertise
4. Health Care Reliability
7. Cybersecurity
3. Health Care Quality