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Senior Epidemiology Specialist

Senior Epidemiology Specialist

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Basic Function

Coordinates and evaluates the Infection Control/Field Epidemiology programs in JHAH health centers and in the designated facilities.

Provides supervision to the infection control practitioners (ICP)/Field Epidemiologists. Advises Medical Management, JHAH and designated facilities physicians on new developments in Epidemiology. Updates and disseminates new infection control/Field Epidemiology policies.  Coordinates and participates in the training of all medical staff in Epidemiology.

Coordinates disease surveillance activities in all medical facilities attended by Saudi Aramco employees.


Charged with infection control/Field Epidemiology in all JHAH Health Facilities and Designated Facilities throughout the country.  The function improves the Company's operation by preventing or controlling infections among its employee and dependent population.  It preserves manpower resources.  It reduces costs linked with hospitalizations and health care deliveries and also reduces the liability of the Company.  The incumbent coordinates the activities of specialized medical personnel.  Incumbent receives supervision from the Senior Epidemiology Specialist.  Incumbent has responsibility for the Infection Control/Field Epidemiology Groups functional affairs on a Company-wide basis.

Principal Contacts

INTERNAL:  Daily with Physician Specialists, Clinicians, Nursing Supervisors, Medical Services Chiefs and Government Affairs to coordinate activities of the Infection Control/Field Epidemiology groups and those of the different units involved.
EXTERNAL:  Periodic with designated facilities Hospital Administrators, Medical Directors for the coordination, implementation and evaluation of Epidemiology practices. Periodically with Ministry of Health Regional Directors for the coordination of surveillance programs.

Principal Duties

  • Monitors the Infection Control/Field Epidemiology Programs designed to prevent the transmission of infections in the JHAH medical facilities. Coordinates its implementation and evaluates its effectiveness.
  • Reviews current Epidemiological literature and updates existing programs to conform to the recent advances in medical knowledge.
  • Plans infection control/field epidemiology policies and programs for designated facilities, assists the Medical Management of the facilities in implementing the programs, monitors and evaluates program performance.
  • Reviews minutes of Infection Control Committee from all designated facilities.  Discuss findings and proposes interventions and solutions to problems encountered.  Provides consultation to Chairpersons of Infection Control Committee.
  • Evaluates surveillance activities in JHAH and designated hospitals.
  • Monitors and evaluates antibiotic sensitivity surveillance programs in JHAH and designated facilities.
  • Implements special investigations in response to outbreaks or clusters of infections in JHAH facilities. Provide consultation and evaluate results for these investigations carried out in designated facilities.
  • Reports to the Epidemiology Consultant medical conditions and other hazardous conditions posing a significant health or safety threat to the client population.


  • Bachelor's degree in nursing or health realted sciences from an accredited university
  • Master in Public Health (MPH) in Epidemiology/Biostatistics with Extensive experience
  • Doctoral Degree of Public Health (DrPH) in Epidemiology/Biostatistics is preferred.


  • Minimum 10-years’ experience in Field Epidemiology/Infection Control.
  • Supervisory experience in the field of public health is highly desirable.

Certifications/Other requirements as applicable

  • Fluency in English language and medical terminology.
  • Fluency in Arabic preferred but not required.